5SOS announces their sophomore album!

It’s finally here – 5 Seconds of Summer have announced their second album!

The 5SOS boys are known for having stages of dormancy – in this case, since December 2014, when they release LIVESOS, till July 2015, when She’s Kinda Hot was announced. In the last month and a half, however, they have caused at least half of their fandom minor heart attacks with their various announcements, ranging from the release of She’s Kinda Hot as a single and a music video, releasing the She’s Kinda Hot EP in the UK and Australia, starting August 28th, announcing their second book to be released in October, and finally, their second album!

It’s called “Sounds Good Feels Good”, and apt reflection of the “New Broken Scene” that the boys are trying to create, a place for outcasts, misfits and rejects to all come together. The album comes out October 23rd, going up for pre-order tonight, at midnight local time. The track list features She’s Kinda Hot, as well as Fly Away, a song that you will get immediately as soon as you pre-order the album. The deluxe edition also features three extra songs that can also be found on the She’s Kinda Hot EP.


It turns out that 5SOS have apparently been teasing the songs from this album since March, when Calum tweeted this.

Only now has it been revealed that this is, in fact, the first line of the chorus of Fly Away.

I want a little bit of California
With a little bit of London sky
I wanna take my heart to the end of the world
And fly away tonight
I want a little bit of open ocean
With a New York state of mind
I wanna take my heart to the end of the world
And fly away, fly away tonight

Calum also tweeted this, a lyric that was also part of one of the hidden clues leading up to the announcement of She’s Kinda Hot.

When the album was announced last night, after a few photos of bits of album art and the www.5onthewall.com link again, the 5SOSFam went MAD. Less than 5 minutes after the announcement, #SoundsGoodFeelsGood was trending worldwide, with fans all over the globe turning in to sobbing messes as their favourite band finally announced their second masterpiece.

The boys have already mentioned in multiple interviews that the sound will be very different – the first album was written when they were 16-18 years old, whereas the second album was written when they were 18-20 years old. Apart from maturing, 5SOS also got the chance to write with multiple of their favourite artists and their new music truly reflects all of their influences, like Green Day, Sum 41, All Time Low, Good Charlotte, Mayday Parade, and many more.

This album drop is going to be huge, and the 5SOSFam couldn’t be more excited.

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Written by CelebMix