The 5SOS Family Unite To Get #5SOSNoticeGeorgia Trending

Kiwi 5 Seconds of Summer fan, Georgia Buckingham, recieved the devastating news that she has only weeks to live due to the return of her cancer. Georgia had several plans that she will no longer be able to do, including attend 5SOS’s concert in Sydney. Now Georgia’s friends and several fans are coming together in attempt to trend #5SOSNoticeGeorgia and get the Aussie band to meet Georgia.

One of Georgia’s closest internet friends, Jess, started the hashtag in hope that Georgia can meet her favorite band. It spread quickly throughout the fandom. Although it hasn’t trended yet a few of the bands friends have seen the hashtag. Luke Hemmings’ girlfriend, Arzaylea, and the band’s friend Jazz Hourigan have both helped the hashtag spread.

Fans from all across the world, whether they know Georgia or not, have been tweeting the hashtag over and over again. They’ve shown Georgia endless support and doing all they can to get her to meet Luke, Calum, Ashton, and Michael. As any other fandom or ‘family’ they have their misunderstandings, but they’re there for each other.

Although the 5SOS family has their ups and their downs, #5SOSNoticeGeorgia proves that they truly are a family. They are willing to give they’re all to make one fans dream come true. The fandoms dedication and love for one another shows the true beauty of being in a fandom.

The 5SOS Family Unite To Get #5SOSNoticeGeorgia Trending 1


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Written by CelebMix