5SOS Fans Come Together To Promote ‘Girls Talk Boys’

After 5 Seconds of Summer released their newest single ‘Girls Talk Boys,’ fans decided to take advantage of their social media accounts and promote the song. With millions of streams on Spotify, the song quickly became a success thanks to the 5SOS family.

5SOS Fans Come Together To Promote 'Girls Talk Boys' 1

At the foot of it all, was a group of fans willing to give their all to promote the boys’ new song. These fans started #GTBPromo, which has trended worldwide more than once in the past couple days. This small group of fans, brought together the majority of the 5SOS fandom and encouraged them to stream the song.

One fan, @stainedhearts on Twitter, was willing to give time and energy to create a promo video for the song. Using her social media accounts, she gathered fans to create a montage of them jamming out to ‘Girls Talk Boys.’

The 5SOS family’s ability to come together and bring the song up on the charts comes to prove that anything is possible.

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Written by CelebMix