5SOS Fans Trend #WeLoveYouCalum After Picture Surfaces Of Him Smoking

Earlier today, Calum Hood posted a picture on Instagram in which he can be seen holding a cigarette and a bottle of beer.

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Best buds ? @michaelclifford @hoeg

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Unfortunately, it was met with backlash as thousands of people started to attack Calum for “not taking proper care of his health”.

While most of the comments were coming from a good place, it’s crucial that we express our concern in a way that is not aggressive and disrespectful.

Therefore, 5SOS fans took to Twitter to show Calum that he is appreciated and to assure him that he shouldn’t be judged and shamed for the life choices he makes.

Here are some of our favorite tweets from the #WeLoveYouCalum trend:




We’re glad that Calum’s fans showed such incredible support when he needed it, and hope he doesn’t take the negative comments to heart.

We should all keep in mind that Calum is an intelligent person, capable of making decisions that are best for him. Granted, everyone makes mistakes, but he has great friends and family looking out for him, so there’s nothing for us to worry about!

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Written by CelebMix