5SOS release the music video for “Lie to Me”

5SOS have released the highly anticipated music video for their single “Lie to Me”. Earlier, the Australian boy group released the re-recorded version of the single, featuring Julia Michaels. As part of their third studio album Youngblood, “Lie to Me” garnered a positive reaction upon its release and offered us a glimpse into quartet’s transition to pop music. Along with “Youngblood”, “Valentine” and “Ghost of You”, amongst other songs from the album, the fans had been expecting a music video for the single.

Through the music video, 5SOS “shows” the pain one goes through when they indulge in a non-reciprocated relationship. Calum’s confinement in the car is the physical as well as the metaphorical representation of the mental state that one develops as they find themselves to be the “only” one investing, emotionally and physically for their love. The searing pain of a devastated lover that the single illustrates becomes clearly evident in Calum’s expressions.

The destruction of the car can be interpreted as the consequence of a toxic relationship but at the same time, it can be interpreted as a new beginning once the person has overcome the virulent affair.

The video is simple yet symbolic. Depicting life as an arena, Calum has been placed in the center. He goes through the phases of realization but the onus of overcoming the problem is entirely on him. The support he receives from his friends is an “external” source of relief, the reason why none of them is able to enter the arena, even when they want to help their companion. The video beautifully shows the value of camaraderie but also its limits.

With Youngblood, 5 Seconds of Summer have become the first band (not vocal group) to have their first three full-length studio albums debut atop the Billboard 200.

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