5SOS Respectably Continue The Pop-Punk Scene Legacy

According to Alternative Press, 5SOS are more important than you realize. Not only are they keeping the pop-punk sound alive but “are important to the marketing of the pop-punk scene”.

Think about it. So far this decade, there hasn’t been a wide array of pop-punk sounds hitting the mainstream airway. In fact, a decline in popularity started around 2009 and thankfully bands like Fall Out Boy (Save Rock & Roll) and 5 Seconds of Summer (most notably Sounds Good Feels Good) have stepped back in to keep it all alive.

There’s also been great controversy surrounding the fact that 5SOS aren’t technically a pop punk band (though they’re not necesssarily a boy band either).

They are musicians and started rehearsing as a band together 4 years ago in their basements. It’s been a grueling process but the boys’ hard work has paid off and they’ve even been praised by their own idols.

Green Day’s Mike Dirnt mentioned Calum Hood complimenting his playing, while Fall Out Boy said they would like to work with them one day.

In addition, Blink-182, Bret Michael’s and many other artists have noticed and complimented them saying their continuation of the pop-punk sound is important and should not be taken for granted.

So while the debate of genre placement will probably unfortunately continue, we’ll go ahead and say it out loud. 5 Seconds of Summer are a pop-punk band; and they’re fabulous.

Feel free to check out their discography! You won’t regret it, we promise!

Check out one of our 5sos favorites, ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ below!

Written by Dannii C.

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