5SOS’ Sounds Live Feels Live Tour Setlist

5SOS kicked off their worldwide Sounds Live Feels Live tour in Nagoya, Japan. We are beyond excited to finally have the setlist for the Asian leg of the tour, as we have all been waiting for it for so long. Here it is:

  1. “Carry On” (intro)
  2. “Hey Everybody”
  3. “Money”
  4. “Disconnected”
  5. “Don’t Stop”
  6. “Waste the Night”
  7. “Outer Space”
  8. “Wrapped Around Your Finger”
  9. “Castaway”
  10. “Jet Black Heart”
  11. “Broken Home”
  12. “Vapor”
  13. “Amnesia”
  14. “Good Girls”
  15. “Voodoo Doll”
  16. “Permanent Vacation”
  17. “What I Like About You”
  18. “She’s Kinda Hot”
  19. “She Looks So Perfect”

Now we have seen a lot of opinions about this setlist. Here’s what we think: this setlist is great, and we know 5SOS surely like it. If you go to a show on this tour, you’ll get to see 19 songs, which is the perfect length. There’s some old songs, some new songs, and some in the middle, which is a thing we like about this playlist: it can please everyone. It doesn’t matter if you like more of the new songs or the old songs, you’ll get to see both.

A lot of fans don’t like that “Don’t Stop” and “She Looks So Perfect” are on the setlist. Now think about those fans, whose favorite song is “Don’t Stop”. They’re happy “Don’t Stop” is still there. And let’s admit it, “Don’t Stop” is a fun song to play live for 5SOS, and to jump around and dance for the fans. If 5SOS kept “Don’t Stop” on the playlist, they must have a reason to it. “She Looks So Perfect” is THE song they will probably never get off the setlist. This is the song they promoted the most at the beginning of their rise to success and fame. This is a song everyone knows, even the non 5SOS fans. 5SOS are probably keeping this song for those people, so they can sing along to this one. And in any way, who doesn’t like to see the famous “She Looks So Perfect” jump?

5SOS' Sounds Live Feels Live Tour Setlist 1

Now here is our opinion on the songs 5SOS chose to put on the setlist and the order of it. To kick off the show with a new song like “Carry On” is one of their best moves. It gets you so excited and it fills you up with positive and inspirational energy. The next song, “Hey Everybody”, gets you so pumped to jump around and dance already. “Money” goes next, and now is the time to go crazy! So basically, the beginning of the show is a real success that goes on and on until the end, with “She’s Kinda Hot” and “She Looks So Perfect” for the encore. Two songs to lose all your energy, dance around and sing as loud as you can. This is a show you will remember. We love that 5SOS chose to keep a few older songs, like “Good Girls” and Voodoo Doll. We still wish there was more, but we have to deal with the fact that 5SOS will play less and less old songs. There’s a good point to this: more new songs!

5SOS' Sounds Live Feels Live Tour Setlist 2

5SOS played so many new songs, yet we wish there was more. We have to say they chose some of the best new songs to play live, such as “Waste the Night”, “Vapor”, “Carry On/Outer Space”, “Castaway” and “Broken Home”. We have seen videos for each of those songs, and we are in love. We are pretty happy they decided to play these songs live. However, a lot of fans are still asking for more new songs, like “Catch Fire”, “Airplanes” and “Invisible”. We can’t do anything else but to agree with them. We have one thing to say to the 5SOS fam:

Don’t lose hope on seeing more new songs on the Sounds Live Feels Live tour setlist. First: they always end up adding more new songs on the other legs of the tour. We put our hopes on the Europe leg of the tour and even more on the North American leg of the tour. We know how this works. Second: 5SOS are the type of band to always stalk the fans to know their opinions. They will know what you want, and they might do something for that. So keep sharing your opinions about this setlist, and who knows, you might see a new song live.

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Written by CelebMix