5SOS: 6 Unwanted and Unnecessary Questions

We all know that people are very curious about celebrities personal lives and what’s going on behind all the cameras, but when interviewers always ask the same questions  that may be a little personal or just plain stupid, it gets really annoying for the fans as well as the celebrity.  For 5SOS, this happens quite often. If you are in the 5SOS Fam or maybe just like to keep up with the Aussie band, you can probably think of more than a couple topics that should stop being brought up during interviews. Here are just couple:

1) Past or present relationships

This could really go for any celebrity. If 5SOS or any other celebrity wanted the whole world to know who they were dating or if they broke up with someone, they would bring it up themselves. Us fans are here for the music, and the majority of us don’t care if Luke Hemmings went out with a girl last night or if Ashton Irwin is still torn up about a possible breakup from a rumored girlfriend. Instead of interviewers putting them in a situation they might not be comfortable with, they should ask about the reason they are here, to live their dream of producing amazing music and sharing that experience with each other.

2) Almost anything that has to do with One Direction

We get it, they toured together a few years ago, but that doesn’t mean 5SOS knows everything that is going on with them now. If the interviewer wants to know about One Direction’s new single, ask One Direction, not 5SOS. Ask 5SOS about their music, the music they created, not another band.

3) Calum’s Snapchat incident

If you don’t know what that is, we won’t dwell on it for Calum’s sake. He made a mistake, he owned up to it, MOVE ON. It was years ago, it’s old news. Why keep bringing up something Calum most likely does NOT want to talk about? Everyone makes mistakes, but you don’t have to keep dwelling on it. Recognize it as an important lesson like Calum did, but don’t ask him or any other band member about it unless you want a really uncomfortable situation and a mad fanbase.

4) “Why are you 5 Seconds of Summer if their is only four of you?”

Seriously? They have been asked this so many times I have lost count. Every time they have provided the same answer, when Michael randomly came up with the name, their was no thought in the number of band members, they just had no better ideas so they accepted it. Just don’t ask this question, the boys are probably really tired of it.

5) Favorite Disney princess?

Come on, you are asking grown men this question? The boys have said they don’t watch any Disney princess movies and they aren’t into that stuff. A couple weeks ago they got asked this question and they were irritated, they don’t have a favorite Disney princess, they are grown men. I guess sometimes interviewers as well as some fans forget that.

6) What do they look for in a girl?

Honestly, a majority of fans don’t care. It’s their personal life and we aren’t here for that. Great, Calum prefers brunettes, but we want to know, for example, what song means the most to them off of their new album? We would rather know more about their connection to the music and their future plans or opinions for the tour, not whether Luke likes blue-eyed or brown-eyed girls. Sure, it’s nice to see sometimes if you’re somewhat of a girl they would go for, but how would you feel if someone asked you your dream boy/girl on a TV show or a radio interview? Pretty uncomfortable or embarrassing.

These are only a few topics and questions, but there are many more. Can you think of some? Let us know by leaving a comment or tweeting us @CelebMix

Written by LaurenHauck