6 YouTubers to Follow If You Want to Become an Expert on CBD Gummies

The decision to take CBD gummies or any other CBD products for your health and well-being is a big deal. Maybe you first learned about CBD after stumbling across a video on YouTube. 

Some people turn to CBD as a last resort after unsuccessfully trying other methods to reduce pain, alleviate anxiety, or get a better night’s sleep. Others get diagnosed with illnesses like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, or epilepsy, and immediately know that they will try CBD for their symptoms. 

Many people also enjoy taking CBD for a general sense of overall wellness and preventative medicine.

When you buy CBD gummies—whatever your reasons—of course, you want to know everything you can about what is going into your body. You’re in luck because there are tons of online resources out there, including CBD product reviews, scientific studies, and plenty of opinion pieces. 

Reading all of these materials help you gain valuable insights, and you will definitely become an expert in your own right. 

If your brain is getting tired, or you are feeling overwhelmed with all the reading you could do, you may feel like it’s time to throw in the towel and watch cat videos on YouTube. But YouTube is also an excellent resource for information about CBD—so you can still wind down, watch some fun videos, and learn what real people are saying about THC free CBD gummies.

1. Doctor Rachna Patel

Doctor Patel has been treating her patients with cannabis products since 2012. She is an internationally recognized expert on the medicinal uses of CBD and has been interviewed for more than 200 podcasts. 

If you feel like you want to sit down and pick her brain on CBD gummies or CBD oils, you are in luck. Dr. Patel’s YouTube channel has over 150 videos, including a couple of Q&As to help you understand how CBD works, from a doctor’s perspective.  

2. Joe Rogan

The host of the second most popular podcast in the country, Joe Rogan is a major advocate for the cannabis industry. On Rogan’s YouTube channel, he extolls the virtues of both hemp and marijuana products, openly discusses his personal use and starts important conversations with important people. 

Rogan makes waves over cannabis, and he openly uses both marijuana and CBD on his show. When he shares his favorite treats with his famous guests, it can cause a bit of a stir, but that’s the point. Starting a conversation to end the stigma.

3. Leafly

Touting themselves as the world’s number one source on cannabis, Leafly’s YouTube channel is quite comprehensive. On it, you can watch videos about the effects of different strains, CBD product reviews, and entertaining videos with general information regarding various points of interest in the CBD industry. 

In addition to a YouTube channel, Leafly has an app where you can find vendors for your favorite brands, keep up-to-date on the latest cannabis news, and learn even more about CBD gummies for wellness and symptom management.

4. Plant Driven Health

Plant Driven Health’s YouTube channel features videos that provide information about CBD, and is one of only a couple YouTube channels that focus solely on hemp products. Plant Driven Health’s videos are grounded in answering practical questions and sharing information about how to use CBD gummies in the most effective ways.

5. Ministry of Hemp

Ministry of Hemp’s YouTube channel intro video states that their goal is to change the world through hemp. Hemp is not only the source of medicinal substances, it is also a source of building materials and textiles. Ministry of Hemp features mostly recipes using hemp and CBD, but it has a couple of product reviews as well. 

6. Ruffhouse Studios

Despite not being a CBD-focused channel, Ruffhouse Studios is a YouTube channel that deserves mention because of its focus on overall cannabis culture. Ruffhouse posts informative, educational videos that are entertaining to watch, and cover everything from product reviews, to how to make CBD oil with a rosin press

Ruffhouse is pioneering the way in creating content that reduces stigma, and lets the world know that not everyone interested in the cannabis and hemp industries is “stoner”.

Final Thoughts

Hemp products have been making waves and building their own consumer culture since the passage of the Farm Bill in 2018. That simple piece of legislation triggered wild growth within the CBD industry, and new brands and products enter the market daily. 

There is so much new information coming out on a constant basis, that even the experts struggle to keep up with all the latest studies and publications. 

You want to know everything you can about CBD products, but sometimes your eyes and brain need a break. Watching the YouTubers on this list can be a fun way to relax, have a chuckle, and maybe learn a few things while you’re at it..

Written by Monella