Michelle Visage: Inspiring The World & Aiding LGBTQ+ Youth

On episode 4 of Rupaul’s Drag Race (Season 8), Michelle Visage gave an encouraging and moving speech to fabulous contestant Chi Chi Devayne regarding her stance on being a ‘cheap queen’ and not having highly expensive outfits as some other drag queens.

“You don’t need money girl. There are thrift stores, there are crafty. There are many a queen that I have seen that have got not a pot to pee in. That’s never an excuse. Borrow a corset if you don’t have one. I’m sure a sister will lend you one. Listen to what people are saying. We’re not saying you suck. You are on this show! Do you know how hard it is to get on this show? She saw the magic in you. I see the magic in you. Nourish that magic. Let people help. That’s how we learn about ourselves. That’s how we grow as humans and as entertainers and performers. Give more love to yourself. Allow yourself to grow”.

Overall, we absolutely adore how she cares about every queen that’s ever been on Drag Race. Not only is she the biggest LGBTQ+ advocate and fighter out there, she continues to create a positive space and vibe for gay people everywhere.

When doing a Q&A with the Mirror, she talked about being a “stern aunt to those queens and to nurture and to guide them”. She continues to talk about how she’s not only there for the gay community, but “any kid who feels like they’ve never belonged to a group. All the freaks, all the weirdos, all the misfits who never felt like their life was worth it or have questioned if their life was worth it. I am in there for them”.

Michelle Visage is a goddess of peace and continues to inspire us to never let the negative outweigh the positive. In a world where turmoil exists around every corner, there are bound to be bad days. But for every bad day, a good day will always exist.

A bad day can easily be turned into a good day – all it takes is a positive outlook. And yes, sometimes it can be hard to be positive and upbeat and happy. We’re definitely not saying you can always be like that, but you can be MORE like that.

It can take time, but with support from other people, anything is possible. And if Michelle has taught the world any valuable lesson, it would be the lesson of loving yourself in every way possible because we have this one life to fulfill and make all our desires and dreams come true.

Thank you Michelle Visage. For not only inspiring the LGBTQ+ community, but giving people around the world a more definite outlook in terms of accepting ourselves and giving ourselves more credit.

You are one fabulous queen and you will ALWAYS be remembered for all you have done as a pioneer for gay youth. Keep on trucking sister!

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Written by Dannii C.

girl group advocate. latino. prospective teacher. multi-instrumentalist. self-proclaimed Twitter-ologist @oscahhhhh.