7 Celebrity Coffee Orders You Need to Try

Coffee like black color always stays in trend. People meet over a cup of aroma coffee with strangers in an attempt to start a new relationship, they take coffee to go on the way to work and drink it in the morning to get a charge of energy. And Hollywood stars don’t differ much from ordinary people in this regard. Most of them have been captured with a cup of coffee at least once, and it is not surprising considering their tight schedules and long working days. Besides, it is always great to stroll around the city with coffee as well. Actors often go to a coffee shop or specialty store for their favorite drink. The ubiquitous reporters who try to find out what celebrities like to drink often shoot them during such a “coffee run.” And while most stars choose standard options like cappuccino or espresso, some opt for nutty drinks. If you don’t want to select between pour over coffee vs drip, it is worth popping in a café and placing your order there.

Latte with almond milk

Reese Witherspoon often talks about her “wild” love for coffee on her Instagram. She says that coffee should always come first in her daily routine; otherwise, nothing will work out. She drinks it when reading the morning newspapers, on the road, on set, and in between playing with children. However, bear in mind that different people tolerate big amounts of coffee differently, so it is not worth overdoing it with the drink. Reese is just a huge admirer who likes to take selfies, make posts and share her coffee experience with subscribers. She tries different alternative types of milk and does not hide the fact that she adds sugar to the drink and chooses a larger cup. The Starbucks barista admitted that the actress often orders a latte with almond or soy milk, so you can pop in the coffee shop and do the same.

Coffee with cardamom

Gwyneth Paltrow develops her brand Goop that promotes a healthy lifestyle, so it is not surprising her choice is affected by her outlook. And since she likes coffee and is not ready to give it up, she has started looking for means that can reduce the negative influence of caffeine on her body. Scientists have already proven that coffee with cardamom positively affects a human organism compared to other coffee types. And even though the best option will be espresso with this spice, the actress cannot drink coffee without milk for breakfast.

Cold-brew with a caramel swirl

If you follow Charli D’Amelio on TikTok, then you know that her favorite coffee drink has appeared on the Dunkin’ menu, so you can give it a try. She adores cold brew coffee that contains fewer acids compared to standard coffee, so its taste is more delicate. Besides, don’t forget that she takes it with whole milk and caramel swirl. If you don’t have a place where you can try it, you can make it at home if you take high-quality Arabica coffee beans of medium grind. Any type of roast is suitable here, but it is better to opt for a medium one. Bear in mind that coffee beans from different regions will taste differently.

Cloud macchiato

Ariana Grande has always been a regular visitor to Starbucks, so it’s not surprising she has decided to make a collaboration with the chain. Nowadays, everyone who wants to find themselves in the seven heavens can pop in the coffee shop and order Cloud Macchiato. It is a pretty sweet drink thanks to vanilla and caramel added, so all sweet teeth should definitely give it a try. 

Iced almond milk latte

You might have heard about YouTuber Emma Chamberlain, famous globally for her Internet activity and incredible love for coffee. Her love is so strong that she even launched her own coffee brand two years ago. If you want to find it, just type “Chamberlain Coffee” in the engine bar. A person who has managed to cooperate with such impressive companies as Vogue, LV, and Cosmopolitan prefers to start her days with iced almond milk latte. So, if you want to put yourself in her shoes at least for a second, follow her example. 

Pinkity drinkity

If you follow James Charles, an outrageous beauty influencer, on Instagram, then you have probably heard something of this drink. Even though the star didn’t have a contract with the Starbucks company, he regularly advertised this drink to his followers. Such an “ad campaign” resulted in ordering a tremendous amount of the drink. Today, if you pop in Starbucks, you will find a new position, “pink drink,” on the menu. It has a pleasant strawberry taste and serves as a great refresher on a hot day.

Seven pumps, no water chai latte

Khloe Kardashian has always stood out from other sisters in everything, and even her favorite drink can support this statement. According to the Today platform, this drink is her favorite one. What’s so interesting about it? The standard big coffee cup at Starbucks would contain five pumps of flavor, while the girl needs two more, and she prefers to skip the water and even coffee. This drink will hardly become your favorite, but if you want to find how “luxury” weird life tastes, you can give it a try. 

Written by Monella