7 of Niall and Harry’s best interviews

Here at CelebMix, we love One Direction. We love them as a whole, we love them individually, but we also love the friendships within the band. We’ve already established that Louis and Liam are basically friendship goals, and today we’re appreciating the phenomenon that is Narry: Niall and Harry.

Often the four boys split up when doing press interviews as it can get a bit rowdy with four (or five) people talking at once. Usually it’s Niall and Harry that pair up for interviews – probably because they secretly wish they were a comedy duo or something. To celebrate their wonderful friendship, here are a few of Narry’s best interviews to feast your eyes on:


1.Truth or Dare on Wetten Dass

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Although not the most famous of One Direction interviews, Narry’s ‘truth or dare’ stint on Austrian show Wetten Dass is video gold. Language barriers are always hilarious and in this interview, neither Narry nor the interviewer seem to have a clue what’s going on. Hysteria sets in as Narry have a weird rock-paper-scissors moment and try to stifle their laughter as Niall performs a bit of improvised poetry. Life changing.  Good old Harry takes over the interview, parodying tabloid posts about the boys by asking, “who was the last person you had sex with?” Throwing some subtle shade there, Harry? The host then sums up the whole situation by saying “this is really confusing.” Um, yeah. Watch this for a good laugh or if you want to be spiritually cleansed.


2. Heat interview 2013

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Looking back at this 2013 interview feels like two minutes ago, not two years ago! Time flies in the One Direction fandom. In this interview, Niall and Harry attempt a fake argument that they can’t keep up for more than two seconds, reminding us once again of how solid these two really are. They also get onto some more serious topics, talking about how they’ve become more confident in themselves (we love) and how ‘annoying’ it is that Harry is constantly labelled as the ladies’ man. More than just being annoying, it isn’t fair, and fans hate to see Harry getting frustrated with it all. Harry’s diplomatic answer, “saying ‘that’s not true’ gets old after a while,” has been re-used again and again by fans to show the injustice that Harry receives. Poor H.


3. Chubby Bunny Challenge with Zoella

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7 of Niall and Harry's best interviews 3


On the same day as the previous interview, Niall and Harry undertook the chubby bunny challenge courtesy of YouTube queen, Zoella. Your status as best friends isn’t officiated until you’ve done the chubby bunny challenge together. Fact.


4. Cheeky Chat with Lorraine 2015

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Niall and Harry might have aged since 2013 but they have certainly not grown up. Niall especially cannot stop giggling. We don’t know if this is because he’s awkward in the face of his idol Lorraine Kelly or because he’s secretly still a child at heart. Mind you, Niall does admit that he watches Lorraine everyday and Harry says it’s his fave show, so it’s no wonder really. We love Harry’s gender neutral answer when asked about meeting girls (he often carefully chooses pronouns) saying that “It’s pretty easy to tell what someone’s intentions are.” Niall and Harry also touch on the greater impact of the fandom and how they want to “use the passion that our fans have to make a difference to things that really matter,” something that we all need to think about.


5. KIIS 1065 2014

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7 of Niall and Harry's best interviews 2

Australian people are great, and so are their interviews. This one is pretty chilled and the boys are looking v sophisticated in their smart outfits. The Narry love is real as Niall and Harry share an embrace when poor Harry complains that his ear was hurting. We’ve also got a bit of classic Harry love when he says “I love all signs equally,” meaning fans’ banners. Spread the love Harry, all the love. Harry also reveals that he used to work in a stables, who knew?! He’s still a Cheshire boy at heart. Apparently he was even “mucking out this morning in Niall’s room.” Ah, the Narry banter.


6. Telehit 2013

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Now this is a bit of cheat one as it includes Liam as well as Narry, but we just couldn’t resist showing it. It is utterly hilarious from start to finish, partly because the interviewer is a bit loopy but also because all three boys are in a really good mood. Even when the questions have the potential to become awkward, Niall, Harry and Liam just carry on joking around. The dynamic between Niall and Harry is typical Narry; they can’t contain their laughter when they’re around each other. Watch the question from 9:18 and you’ll see. Narry burst out laughing at Liam and can’t stop, with Niall quite rightly declaring, “This is the best interview I’ve ever been in!” All over, this is just a really feel-good interview that can cheer you up any time. When they’re happy, we’re happy.


7. Never Have I Ever on The Ellen Show 2015

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7 of Niall and Harry's best interviews 4

This one’s another cheat as it’s an OT4 interview, but the Niall and Harry interactions are not to be missed – not to mention their accidentally matching shirts. This is what happens between best friends; they start morphing into each other. Niall reveals he’s used Harry’s toothbrush –  that’s just another level of friendship right there, and Harry’s reaction is priceless. It’s possible that Niall had some laughing gas before heading on stage (not really) because he is constantly laughing at Harry. He literally can’t stop. It’s so clear that they love each other.


So there you have it, Niall and Harry’s 7 best interviews: a snapshot of their true friendship and a bond that can’t be broken, hiatus or no hiatus. What do you think? Is Narry your favourite One Direction bromance? Let us know in the comments or over at @CelebMix. Keep your eyes peeled for more 1D bromance articles coming your way this week.


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