7 of our favorite Niall Horan gifs to celebrate 7 years since his X Factor Audition

Seven years ago today, Niall Horan applied for The X Factor and posted a tweet that always makes the One Direction fan base emotional. He took that stage with a dream, and in that moment, had no idea what type of impact he’d make on the music industry or the world in general. He’s not only talented beyond measure, he’s kind and compassionate and he is one of the most positive people in the business today. He gives off an aura that makes you want to be around him, his personality is a bit intoxicating.

While Niall, Liam, Harry, and Louis continue their hiatus from One Direction, they’ve all explored solo projects and Niall was the first to release his own single with absolutely no promo. Not only did One Direction fans then realize that the middle of the night ‘Drag Me Down’ drop was probably Niall’s idea, they realized that just because they’re all out pursuing their solo interests, it hasn’t changed their connection as a band.

When Niall began doing interviews about ‘This Town’, he was bombarded with questions about the band’s future and if this meant that it was inevitable that the official break-up announcement was in the future. Niall shut down those statements quickly and reminded fans and anyone else who wanted to know, that this time off the road was to do exactly what he’s doing – what they’re all doing – and find new pieces of themselves to not only enjoy now but to bring back to One Direction later.

To celebrate 7 years of Niall’s performance, we picked 7 of our favorite Niall gifs and put them together for you. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

His first music video on his own! We’re so proud.

Forgive us, but…we had to.

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