7 Reasons Why We Love Zayn

It’s been over half a year since our beloved Zayn left and we still miss him beyond what words can comprehend. Now a days, we’re not hearing much from him, assuming he’s in the studios creating some banging new music to release in the near future. So in honor of how much we love and appreciate Zayn, we decided to put this list together to jot down just a few of the many reasons as to why we love him so very much.

He’s Always Been True to Himself

We all know that Zayn has never been anything but true to himself, knowing what makes him happy and always doing what feels right to him. Of course we admire how real Zayn is, right down to the very core and always putting himself first, as it should be.

He’s Focused on the Music

Zayn is beyond dedicated when it comes to music and that just goes to show how far he’s going to make it in the music industry as a solo artist. He has nothing but raw passion and with that passion comes real music, which is exactly what Zayn intends to put out.

He’s Appreciative of Fan Art

What’s really amazing is how often Zayn comes online to take a look at all of the wonderful fan art that’s being put out for him. He takes the time to acknowledge the time and effort these fans have put into their talented works, making it known that he does pay attention and he does appreciate every single thing the fans do for him.

He’s Proud of Who He is

Zayn has never been shy about who is, proudly showing off his heritage and Muslim background, making every single one of us extremely proud of him. It’s always so nice to see someone comfortable in their own skin and being accepting of who they are, and we’re so happy to see that Zayn is one of those people.

He’s Massively Gifted With His Vocal Ability

It just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t include Zayn’s incredible vocal ability. The talent he possesses is incredible and his voice could quite literally be described as heavenly. Of course we haven’t heard much of him since he left One Direction, but we have been lucky enough to hear his cover of “No Type” and his original song “I Won’t Mind” Featuring Naughty Boy, both hyping us up for what’s yet to come.

He’s Down to Earth

Zayn has always remained down to Earth, ever since we first met him on the X Factor in 2010, and continuing on until now. We definitely love Zayn for that. He’s always going to be that adorable dork with a massive heart and we can’t wait to see more of him.

He’s a Style Icon

It’s a bit hard to deny that Zayn is a bit of a fashion icon. He can pretty much wear anything and it make look like he came straight out of a Vogue magazine and bathed in Swarovski Diamonds. The rugged leather look definitely suits him.

So there you have it, 7 reasons why we love Zayn! Of course, there’s so many more reasons but only so many words you can say to describe how absolutely wonderful he is. We can’t wait to hear new music soon and look forward to hearing more from Zayn as an upcoming soloist!



Written by CelebMix