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Seven songs we want Gary Barlow to sing on his solo tour

Earlier today, tickets for Gary Barlow’s 2018 solo headline tour went on general sale, with tickets flying out for all dates. The tour is now officially sold out, so congratulations if you were lucky enough to get your hands on some tickets. Whilst the tour is months away, we’re already thinking about which songs will make the setlist.

What on earth will Gary Barlow choose to sing on tour? With a mammoth discography to pick from, we don’t envy Gary’s difficult job of whittling down his songs to a suitable number. There are songs, such as ‘Forever Love’, ‘A Million Love Songs’, and ‘Let Me Go’, which we think are dead certs, but what about the rest? Personally, we’d love to see Gary pick songs which celebrate every era of his career, including Take That, GB solo and theatre work.

Here at CelebMix, we thought we’d give Gary a little helping hand by sharing seven of the songs that we would love to hear him sing on tour.

1. ‘Love Won’t Wait’

When thinking about an ideal Gary Barlow setlist, the first song that always comes to mind for us is the incredible bop that is ‘Love Won’t Wait’. Despite being released in 1997, the track is just as infectious 20 years later. We guarantee that this would be a huge hit on tour if Gary decided to sing it.

2. ‘Lie To Me’

A fan favourite and a standout track from Twelve Months, Eleven Days, it would be criminal if Gary didn’t perform ‘Lie To Me’ on tour. The song is an emotional powerhouse and showcases GB’s incredible vocal range.

3. ‘Said It All’

As Take That songs go, ‘Said It All’ is one of our all time favourites. The anthemic quality of the song gets us every time, and it’s just one of those songs that you have to belt out emotionally at the top of your voice.

4. ‘Sing’

‘Sing’ is a beautiful anthem which originally features The Commonwealth Band and the Military Wives. Written as the official Diamond Jubilee single, the Commonwealth version is incredible, but we of course have a soft spot for the GB version too. He did perform it during the Since I Saw You Last Tour, so we’ve got our fingers crossed that ‘Sing’ will make the setlist once again.

5. ‘This House’

‘This House’ is taken from Gary’s last solo album, Since I Saw You Last. The track is just so warm and reminds us how much of a family man he is. There’s no doubt that the song would be a heartwarming few minutes for the audience to share together.

6. ‘Dare’

If you managed to go and see the wondrous musical The Girls, then you’ll already be familiar with the empowering ‘Dare’. Some of you, like us, may have even been fortunate enough to hear the Captain sing it live during one of the show’s curtain calls. Either way, the song is such a gem that we need to hear it once more on Gary’s solo tour.

7. ‘Come On Love’

Taken from the deluxe version of Take That’s most recent album Wonderland, ‘Come On Love’ is a ballad of epic proportions. Sadly, it was missed off from their Wonderland Tour setlist. However, we think Gary should give the song the justice it deserves by performing it on his solo tour. With its soaring chorus and powerful emotion throughout, it’s the perfect song to hit the crowd in the feels.

Do you agree with our choices? What would you like to hear Gary Barlow sing on tour? Let us know on Twitter @CelebMix

Written by Katrina Rees

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