7 Songs That Remind Us How Good Parachute Is

Parachute is a band that’s been around for a while and now that their fourth album is coming out, we’ve decided to compile a list of some of our favorite Parachute songs to reminisce on how great this band is. So here are 7 songs we love by Parachute (out of too many great songs in general).

“She (for Liz)” 

This song, although older, is considerably an iconic song by Parachute. It fits so incredibly well with the rest of the album, supporting the chill rock sound and the guitar influences throughout. Will’s vocals throughout prove how big of a powerhouse he is.

“Forever and Always”

Although not reflective of any real story, “Forever and Always” manages to bring us all to tears (or at least close enough for us to sniffle). Following the song through, we’re met with some amazing vocals, lyrics and music all throughout.

“Can’t Help”

Bringing a new sound for Parachute, “Can’t Help” brings an unprecedented rhythm and vibe from the band. Containing a more pop sound, this song manages to make us all want to sing and bop along. And the video is quite good!

“She Is Love”

Bringing back the classic Parachute sound, this song continues to impress us today. The stripped-down sound and the simplicity of this song manages to make it a song that is extremely loved by fans of Parachute. Written in a time when our dear Will still had the Bieber look going, this song never gets old.

“American Secrets”

Managing to incorporate both a soft and rougher sound, this song is pure bliss. Shifting from one tempo to a faster one, this song encompasses the vibe of lyrics and brings together the shifting parts of the way this song is built. The vocals (both the major ones and the minor ones) on this song are amazing and the guitar build is one of the best ones on the album (The Way It Was).

“Didn’t See It Coming”

This song is so catchy! Managing to bring back the upbeat version of Parachute, this song is impossible to not sing-along to. Keeping the chorus continuous throughout the song only makes this song the more memorable.

“Kiss Me Slowly”

Such a beautiful song. This song shows just how amazing Parachute was, is, and will forever be. Not only is this song wonderfully written and presented, it also manages to take us back to a calmer setting. This is a song you want to listen to over and over and over again.

7 Songs That Remind Us How Good Parachute Is 1

Make sure to pre-order Parachute’s new album Wide Awake or buy it on its release date, Friday March 11th. Also, make sure to catch these guys on tour in a city near you, you definitely don’t want to miss these guys live.

What’s your favorite Parachute song? And will you be seeing them on tour? Make sure to leave a comment or tweet us over @CelebMix!

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