7 Tips to Impress Everyone with a Stunning Movie Review

If you are majoring in Media or Film Studies at college, sooner or later there will come a time when you are asked to write a movie review. You put on your director’s cap and act like you are Steven Spielberg analysing every aspect of the movie – ranging from the camera angles to the plotline.

You tell yourself that it’s awesome that this is actually what your studies entail. Your friends are all yawning over their quantitative analysis assignments for their business majors and you are writing a review of all the blockbuster classics. Hold on a moment though. You realise that writing a movie review is not as easy as you first thought.

It goes without saying that there are substantially different skills involved in actually watching and critiquing the movie, as compared to being able to write your thoughts down in an eloquent manner that flows. Before you start to panic and procrastinate, take a deep breath, and keep calm and carry on as the saying goes. Here are our top topics for impressing your lecturers and coursemates with a stunning movie review that will blow everyone away.


Don’t Hesitate to Contact a Professional Essay Writer.

This is the main one as far as we are concerned. If you have a good understanding of the movie and what you want to convey in your essay but consider yourself an appalling writer then don’t waste time on struggling to do something that is your weakness. At best, you will wind up with an okay essay that took far too long to create and distracted you from other things. At worst, your grades could be impacted.

You can find the right essay writing service here. Using these types of services, you can find writers that are experienced in specific fields. For example, you would be able to find a fellow movie buff to help you out. Not only is this individual very experienced in writing awesome movie reviews, they know exactly what the lecturer is looking for therefore guaranteeing you good grades. You can provide as many or as few notes as you like from your movie analysis. Rest assured, the final product is completely unique and your own.Your personal essay writer is available at any time to answer any questions that you may have about the project.


Watch the Movie at Leisure First

Try and watch the movie more than once. It is important that you have a thorough understanding of it in order to write a compelling and constructive movie review. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself the first time that you watch the movie. Allow yourself to laugh, cry and enjoy the plotline. Those genuine emotions that you feel the first time around are some of the most valuable undertones for your review. When you go back and watch it a second time, you can put your analytical cap on and look for smaller details and symbolism. If you try to be overly analytical the first time around, you will feel stressed and not appreciate the movie in the same way that a normal person watching it would. Make sure that you are not scrutinising too hard for details that you actually wind up missing things because you were too hard on yourself.

Discuss the Movie With Others

Hold a sort of “focus group” to discuss the movie with your fellow students after you have watched it. A lot of responses to movies are subjective. One of your classmates may see things from a completely different perspective to you and may make you realise things about the movie and its story that you didn’t catch the first time around. The discussions that you have with each other about your different views and opinions about the movie can help you to construct compelling arguments within your review.

Conduct Wider Research

Often movies are not so simple as to just be taken at face value. Maybe the Director has a certain style that he/she uses throughout all of their movies. It is important to have a good background understanding of those who produced the movie in order to obtain the full picture. Research can be conducted using relevant journals, or even just online and magazine interviews with the Director.


Cover All Aspects of the Movie

A movie review should not just tell the reader whether the movie is good or not. It should definitely not be just a synopsis of the plot and if you write something like that, no doubt your lecturer will not be pleased. A good movie review covers everything. We have summarised the best points below to help you submit a killer assignment.

  • The Story
  • Symbolism
  • The Lighting
  • The Camera Angles
  • The Director’s Style and Inspiration
  • How the Movie was Perceived by the General Public
  • Did the Movie Deliver any Important Messages for its time?
  • Use of Music and Sound

Be Clear and Concise

Ensure that it is not confusing for your professor to understand how you feel about the movie. Establish a clear opinion early on and stick to it. If you are raising positive points and then negative ones, and then reverting back to positive again it will be difficult for the person grading your review to understand where you stand.

Write a Conclusion

Your movie review should finish neatly and nicely. The ending should round up all of the points discussed and give a final opinion. It should not feel incomplete or leave the reader/lecturer with unanswered questions and concerns about what you have written. The conclusion should be short and concise, not waffled.


We are confident that if you follow the above steps, you will be sure to wow your lecturer with an incredible movie review that wins you top grades in your assignment. As with anything study related, writing your first movie review can be a little intimidating and daunting but with practice, you will soon get the hang of things, ready for your future career as a movie critic.

Written by CelebMix