8 Must-See Clips From The Late Late Show With James Corden

Best known for his role as Smithy in the hit sitcom Gavin & Stacey, James Corden has been winning over the hearts of Americans since his March debut as the host of The Late Late Show on CBS. The show has filmed nearly 100 episodes thus far and has amassed over 250 million YouTube views in their short seven-month tenure. Corden is changing the late-night television game in America with his British wit and charm. NBC (a rival network to CBS) has controlled the late-night television war for several years thanks to incredible hosts such as Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, and Jay Leno. However, with the addition of Corden and Stephen Colbert (the new host of The Late Show that airs right before Corden’s show), CBS’s late-night programming is better than ever. If you’ve never seen The Late Late Show with James Corden, now is an awesome time to start watching. There have been so many amazing moments on the show, however, I’ve narrowed it down to 8 must-see clips that showcase just how quirky, hilarious, and brilliant the show is. I hope you enjoy!

  1. Carpool Karaoke with Justin Bieber

Whether you’ve got Bieber fever or not, this video is unmistakably hilarious. James and Justin ride around the streets of Hollywood singing some of Bieber’s best hits and talking about love and life.

(Other carpool karaoke segments include James riding around with Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, Iggy Azalea, Rod Stewart/A$AP Rocky, and Stevie Wonder.)


  1. Take A Break: Canter’s Deli

Take A Break is a recurring segment in which James shows up to a business and has an employee take a break while he fills in and covers their shift. In this clip, James fills in as a server at a famous diner in Hollywood. Hilarity ensues when James starts eating a customer’s food and challenging some customers to an arm wrestling competition.

(Other Take A Break segments involve James filling in at a kosher deli, a mattress store, a dog groomers, a juice bar, a hotdog stand, and as a male model on The Price Is Right.)


  1. Pitch Perfect Riff Off with Anna Kendrick

James brings the musical magic of Pitch Perfect to his studio in Los Angeles when he challenges Anna Kendrick to a live riff off. Things go from amusing to feisty as the two try their best to outdo one another. It’s brilliantly funny and a must-see for all Pitch Perfect fans!


  1. D & J Briefs Ad with David Beckham

You can just look at David Beckham and tell he was born to be a sexy underwear model. And James… well, not so much. However, that doesn’t stop him from trying! James’ self-deprecating nature makes him extremely relatable and admirable. This video is proof that James will do just about anything to make his fans laugh.


  1. Celebrity Noses

This is definitely one of the more wacky bits on The Late Late Show! In this segment, James desperately wants to play a game, however his bandleader, Reggie Watts, isn’t cooperating. As Reggie continues to screw up the segment, James’ frustration gets out of hand. The angrier James gets, the funnier the segment becomes! If you like this video, there are three more of these on the show’s YouTube channel.


  1. Public Domain Medley with Craig Robinson

This one is a personal favorite of mine! In this bit James joins Craig Robinson [famous for playing Darryl on The Office (U.S.)] beside a piano and the two sing sexy versions of famous public domain songs such as Mary Had A Little Lamb, For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow, and The Itsy Bitsy Spider. These two will wow you with their incredible singing ability and don’t be surprised if you find yourself clapping and singing along!


  1. Dodgeball with One Direction

My guess is most of you have already seen this video. But really, can you watch it too many times? In this segment Harry, Niall, Liam, and Louis join James as he takes on a team of tough female dodgeballers. You get to see the 1D boys in short shorts, James giving Niall CPR, and they sing part of Steal My Girl as their national anthem. What more could you ask for?


  1. Tom Hanks Acts Out His Entire Film Career

This clip is from the very first episode of The Late Late Show. In this clip James and legendary actor Tom Hanks reenact snippets from all of Tom’s famous movies like Toy Story, When Harry Met Sally, Forrest Gump, and Cast Away. The two make a great comedy duo as they race to switch outfits, change scenes, and grab new props as quickly as possible. This clip, having been from James’ very first episode, proved early on that he had what it takes to keep Americans laughing before they go to bed.


So, that is my list of eight awesome videos from The Late Late Show! If you enjoyed them, you can find many, many more on their YouTube page or you can catch The Late Late Show on CBS at 12:37EST/11:37CST. “James Corden” is starting to become a household name in America and his fanbase will continue to grow as the show itself grows. You can find James on twitter (@JKCorden) and the show is on twitter as well (@latelateshow)!


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Written by CelebMix