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8 Vibrant New Songs To Amp Up Your Summer Playlist

Welcome back to Celeb Mix—it’s your one-stop for all the hottest news in the music and entertainment industry. It’s time to crank up the heat and refresh your summer playlist for 2022 as we present to you the scorching hot new summer tunes that deserve to be added to your summer music playlist.

Recently, an array of artists have put out new music that we can’t stop jamming to. This ranges from established megastars like Benny Blanco, BTS, Snoop Dogg, DJ Khaled, Drake, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Rex Orange County to rising stars like Joshua Bassett, Olivia O’Brien, and Kira Kosarin. There is something for everyone, from the hottest, most eagerly awaited collaborations to dance-inducing rhythms to poignant, vulnerable, yet funky ballads!

Are you prepared to revamp your playlist for the summer with us? Without further ado, let’s get started. And don’t forget to share your suggestions with us at the end!

“Bad Decisions”: Benny Blanco feat. BTS and Snoop Dogg

Although we have made some bad decisions in the past, rocking to this thunderous collaboration wouldn’t be one of them. Benny Blanco unveiled his vibrant collaboration with Jin, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook of BTS and Snoop Dogg as “Bad Decisions,” which will feature on his forthcoming third LP. This collaboration is so unique and musically brilliant, picking up the best of all worlds.

Ahead of the release, Blanco released a string of short videos featuring him begging Jin, Jimin, Jung Kook, and V for a spot in the group. “What up, guys? Look, I know we haven’t known each other for that long, but I want to be in the band. I want to be in the band — I want to sing and dance. I think I could do it.” That’s such a mood, isn’t it?

In the hilarious new music video directed by Ben Sinclair, we find Benny Blanco being just like us, a BTS superfan, who spends his entire day preparing for the concert: brushing teeth while swaying to the music; baking a cake; putting on his concert outfit; and then driving recklessly to the arena, feeling high in his enthusiasm. Listen to “Bad Decisions” here! Check out the music video below!

“Staying Alive”: DJ Khaled, Drake, Lil Baby

The anthem king has returned and delivered his biggest, boldest, and best body of work to date. Global mega-star DJ Khaled finally unveiled his mega-anticipated new single, “Staying Alive” (feat. Drake & Lil Baby) with an accompanying music video. It paves the way for one of the biggest hip-hop releases of 2022 and his anxiously awaited thirteenth full-length studio album, GOD DID, on August 26, 2022.

This mega collaboration brings together three music titans for an ultimate banger that makes the perfect addition to your party music playlist. DJ Khaled received the 2,719th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which is a massive milestone to achieve, given his illustrious musical legacy. This summer anthem accompanies enticing visuals that continue a tradition of larger-than-life and big-screen-worthy videos for Khaled. This trio entertains in a hospital setting and captivates on-screen, scene after scene. Listen to “Staying Alive” here.

“Beach House”: Carly Rae Jepsen

The Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen recently released her vibrant new single “Beach House,” which will feature on her forthcoming new single, The Loneliest Time. Produced by Alex Hope and co-written by Jepsen, Hope, and Nate Cyphert, “Beach House” is an all-too-real account of the wild uncertainty of app-based dating. With the sun-soaked, airy atmosphere of Malibu, “Beach House” is unquestionably straightforward and viciously funny, ultimately cementing her legacy as one of pop history’s fiercest narrators of the endless nuances of love and relationships.

This dance-ready anthem, infused with lush vibes, unfolds in pulsating beats and glistening textures as Jepsen details a series of dating mishaps and disappointments in the song’s verses. After making a passionate plea for transparency from her potential suitors, she then enlists a lineup of male backing vocalists in delivering the glorious punchline of a chorus: “I got a beach house in Malibu and I’m probably gonna hurt your feelings.”

“Smoke Slow”: Joshua Bassett

Joshua Bassett returns with the emotional new single “Smoke Slow.” Vulnerable and bare, the track delicately details the woes of an out-of-reach romance. The raw, heart-wrenching introspection and bittersweet lyrics power the pensive music video, which features Michael Cimino and Ilia Wayans, and was co-directed by Mikey Murphy and Joshua Bassett.

“This song is about savoring those moments together with a person you feel close to, but know you can’t be with. Since I couldn’t say it aloud, of course, I had to write a song about it – ha!”

As Bassett croons the chorus over soft strumming guitar, “All that we are is all that we’ll ever be/ ‘Cause he’s the one waiting at home/ Next to you, but I’ll never be close/ So take your time while you’re mine and smoke slow,” you could hear his sheer longing. The multi-talented musician continues to build on the momentum from his debut and solidify himself by showcasing his knack for weaving excruciatingly honest lyrics and unforgettable melodies.

“THREAT”: Rex Orange County

Rex Orange County seems to be on a musical spree as he debuts another quintessential summer bop, “THREAT.” Rex Orange County (aka Alex O’Connor) wrote and produced this buoyant, melodic summer single with his close friends Teo Halm and Jim Reed. Following Who Cares?, “THREAT” is a cheerful and synth-laden, sunny-soaked, and jazz-tinged single that marries laid-back percussion, mood-lifting guitar strums infused with lyrics of insecurity, paranoia and vulnerability, exposing his feelings to the world.

“SELF-SABOTAGE”: Waterparks

Let’s make one thing clear. Waterparks NEVER disappoint. You know, if they even sing their phone directory, we might just buy that too, stream and scream our lungs out. And before you ask us, “What the f*ck is wrong with you?” we’re just so in love, feeling high and jamming to the latest offering “Self-Sabotage” by Waterparks.

“Make plans and break them to see what you say/ And then I’ll be upset when you’re mad for the day/ ‘Cause you put on makeup and I’m still in bed/ What the fuck is wrong with me?”

Waterparks manically move forward, shucking and jiving between fits of rock, alternative, and electronic, with pop ambition and hip-hop’s bold and blatant disregard for the rules. Directed by Erik Rojas, the “SELF-SABOTAGE” visuals are a cinematic feast, giving us a glimpse into the group’s life on tour. Accented with vivid hues, the anthem’s snappy guitars and fuzzy electronics underline the infectious hook and the bold spirited vocals. Watch the music video below!

“goodbye & thank u”: Kira Kosarin

Rising sensation Kira Kosarin says “goodbye & thank u” to the past baggage as she embarks on a quest for a better future. A multi-faceted artist, 24-year-old Kira Kosarin is ready to lay down her musicianship in the spotlight. “goodbye & thank u” features on Kira’s new anxiously awaited EP, Something New, which paints a portrait of the songstress’ life and growth over recent years, recounting personal growth, letting go of baggage, learning how to live with yourself, and what habits actually work to take care of yourself in the long run.

While her personal favourite tune on the EP changes all the time, she acknowledged that “goodbye & thank u,” is very special to her. “The song holds a lot of emotion, and it has personal and specific memories of mine imbued in there,” she said. “It is also the song that the fans have connected to the most emotionally and it has been really fun watching them adopt the song and turn it into their own stories and memories,” she added.

“Bitch Back”: Olivia O’Brien feat. FLETCHER

The LA-based singer-songwriter Olivia O’Brien returned with her saucy 2000s-inspired pop bop “Bitch Back” featuring FLETCHER, which follows the success of empowering anthem, ‘Bitches These Days,’ inspiring listeners to stay steer clear of untrustworthy and fake friendships. With every new release, Olivia is embracing her lively spirit and pop-perfection

“I wrote this song after one of my best friends went through a breakup,” Olivia says of the new track. “I wanted to remind her of how much fun we had together when we were both single and get her out of that breakup funk. It’s a fun, carefree, and empowering song about having fun with your girls, no matter what you may be down about.”

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Written by Khushboo Malhotra

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