Big Brother 17: Showbiz Simon Reports on Week 6

Greetings Celeb Mixers!

I do hope you’re all enjoying the fabulous British summer weather and having a good week.

As this year’s Big Brother continues at breakneck speed and with more highlights than a Brentwood salon, all of a sudden we’re approaching the big finish! That’s right folks, as it stands there is just one week left of action before we get to say goodbye to the losers and crown this year’s King or Queen!

I’ll be back next week to give my verdict on the finale, but in the mean time here is my latest roundup of what’s been going on, and predictions for the big finish.

I must say it’s all been happening since we last spoke, and nowhere better to start than with Last Friday’s final annihilation task where we saw Ryan, fully clad in his very own bin bag attire, booted out of the door for good! The British public had their say and voted  Ryan , Laura, and Sam as the bottom three housemates to face eviction. But in typical Big Brother Annihilation Week style there was a twist in store (of course!) and it was the remaining housemates who eventually picked who should go. So, after much deliberation, the majority of the  housemates came to their decision and chose Ryan to be torn apart from his lover Hughie and sent back to reality. Oh well, Ryan, fear not that your journey has come to an end, as you never know – if all else fails you could put your new found love of bags to the test and become a binman?

Is it likely to be a big loss for Big Brother? I must say that in the grand scheme of things, probably not, despite him being entertaining in a candy floss kind of way! One thing is for sure, fireworks are certain to fly when Jason and Ryan next meet as Jason’s reasons for evicting Ryan really hit home leaving Ryan furious and  his final words to Jason being ‘You are a  D******d!’. Charming! It’s always nice when the housemates leave with a big of grace and style!

Since then we’ve at least seen Hughie’s fun side shine through now, and he’s really doing a great job of entertaining the housemates and viewers. His dancing might need a bit of work mind you, as on Sunday’s episode we saw him fall into the pool whilst trying to show off his best moves!

We also saw the housemates treated to a big party, where the highlight was undeniably Jackson showing off his own Travolta style moves, and the invention of his very own ‘Backwards Chicken Dance’. Definitely worth a search online if you haven’t already seen it darlings… What a character!

Monday’s show saw Andy transform into Big Brother’s very own Ron Burgundy and take on the role of anchorman, where he had to deliver news and home truths from the outside world to the other housemates. One kiss and tell bombshell that he delivered involved former housemates Emma and  bad boy Marco-Pierre. Yes, that’s right  Miss Goody Two Shoes Emma was revealed to have disappeared with Marco for over 20 hours! Oh dear darlings, Laura was not a happy bunny! Also, all eyes were on Jason as Lateysha and Hughie made it very clear exactly what they thought of him; unentertaining, boring and not offering anything to the house. This was the last straw for poor old Jase, who packed his suitcase and demanded to be let out through the back door, only for Big Brother to talk him around.

That brings us nicely onto last night’s show where we had the added drama of the last nominations of the series! This Friday sees our last proper eviction before next week’s final, and just to add another twist with a bit of spice, Big Brother played the nominations back to the house! Oh, those swines do know how to ruffle a few feathers, you’ve got to give them that!

It ended up with Laura, Jackson, Jason and Jayne being up for the chop, and it’s fair to say that the housemates didn’t take to the nomination twist too well. Laura was hit the worst by watching her fellow housemates talking about her and nominating her, and it brought out the emotional side in Jason too, who spoke of his desire to just make it through to the final and how that would mean the world to him.

My prediction for the next departure is Laura, but there is certain to be a twist or two before Friday. One that we know about is that Big Brother bosses have promised that one of the nominated four will be let off the hook, in scenes that air tonight.

It really is reaching fever pitch in Elstree now, and the temperature really has been ramped up for a big finish. My favourite to go on and win now is Hughie, who really is looking like he’s taking everything in his stride and would be a worthy champion in my eyes.
As we all know, though a week in Big Brother is more than enough time for a shock or two, so we’ll just have to stay watching from the edge of our seats!

And on that note, I’m off for a lay down in the shade with a cornetto.

Until next time!

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