A General Guide On How To Choose Homecoming Dresses That Fit You Well

Homecoming party or prom is coming, and you are panicking. Probably it is because throughout the year prior you have heard so many bad-mouthings of girls participating in the event last year.

Regardless of the reasons that have brought you here, you are looking for advice on how to choose homecoming dresses that fit you well. Look no further, as I am about to show you how.

Criteria For Choosing The Best Homecoming Dresses 2019

Determine your body type

The dress that looks sexy as hell on Jessica would probably make Karen looks like a whale. Know your body measurements.

Female dresses are different from men’s clothing in the scrutiny of sizes detailing down to every single body parts. A man shirt just needs to fit his arms, chest, and waist and that’s pretty much it, but a female dress would require you to look at the torso, back, shoulder, collar bone, waist and many more.

By clearly knowing what your measurements are, choosing a homecoming dress that fit you would be much more comfortable, or at least easier for the salesperson to give you advice on your choices.

Slim effect

Let’s face it, most men like slender women and you would probably like yourself more too if you look slim and confident in the mirror. Grab a few dresses that fit your measurements, and try them on. See which one accentuates your curves most.

Tops and Skirts

Separating top and skirt might be a good idea for you if you are confident in your waist. The art of dressing includes covering your weakness and showing your strength.

Better yet, make those strengths shine so that your faults become barely noticeable. Thus, do not despair if your bust measurement is not ideal, rock your waist with a top and skirt.

Color of the dresses

Colors are also an important factor too. The right color could brighten your skin tone, also slim you down and all around give you a fresh aura. Maybe consider the color you are putting on based on the season. It is said that lilac and blue are good for summer, while blue or pink is better for winter.

The color you have chosen could also symbolize your characteristic as well. For instance. Red for passion and aggression, pink for the feminine, purple for the mysterious aura, and so on.

Length of the dresses

Two persons could have the same height but the different ratio of the upper body to lower body. Hence long waisted ladies should wear clothing that shortens your torso while raise your waistline and your legs would look longer and slimmer, vice versa for people on the other spectrum.


Whatever the occasion may be, since you are looking for guidance on choosing the best fit homecoming dress, it must be quite important to you. That occasion you want to dress for can be and usually are the life-changing part of your life. It could be the most highlighted moment of your life or attracting the attention of that someone who will spend the rest of his life with you.

My point is, you have to be ready because you never know what is around that corner. So make sure that you have read my advice up there carefully and pick your best homecoming dresses 2019 here.

Written by CelebMix