A Jin Takeover on Social Media

BTS and ARMY came together to celebrate BTS member, Kim Seokjin’s birthday in a true Jin-like fashion!

After the Melon Music Awards, ARMYs were stunned to see the connection between the visual footage of the Fake Love performance and how it linked to a cult.

Therefore, to add some fun to it, a group of ARMYs decided to start Jincult, a movement where ARMYs would change their profile pictures and cover images to the same, interesting photo of Jin, and would begin using Jin puns and his renowned dad jokes.

This movement gained massive traction and soon, the majority of BTSARMY were involved including a few journalists such as Liam McEwan and Ikran! ARMYs would call themselves “Jin” and were sharing tweets, photos, videos and jokes about Kim Seokjin, all in good humour.

Perhaps what topped it all off, was when BTS’s official account changed their profile picture and cover image to the same images used by the Jincult, which was a message to ARMY that BTS, including Jin, know about the birthday celebration and were happy to join in!

The beautiful bond between BTS and their fandom, ARMY, is once again highlighted following Jin’s birthday celebrations. It is extremely rare and special to see how close the members of BTS are to ARMY as it indicates a deep, compassionate connection.

It is clear that the Jin Takeover on Social Media was a major success and truly celebrated the great person that Kim Seokjin is. His humour, his love and energy make ARMYs, BTS and the people around him so happy, entertained and comfortable. We hope that Jin had a marvellous birthday!

Written by Luke Waltham

Luke Waltham is a writer, activist and fanboy. He is a former writer for Huffington Post and currently writes for CelebMix and The Mighty. He is the Chairperson of the United Nations Association of South Africa at SU. Luke is a proud fanboy.