A Marvel Fan Sees Batman Vs. Superman

A petite twenty year old who can take grown men down in a discussion on Marvel superheroes reviews DC Comic’s Batman Vs Superman.

Fast facts:
Film length- 2 hours 31 minutes
Rating- PG-13
American release date- March 25, 2016
•Ben Affleck = Bruce Wayne / Batman
•Henry Cavill = Kal-El / Clark Kent / Superman
•Gal Gadot = Diana Prince / Wonder Woman
•Amy Adams = Lois Lane
•Jesse Eisenberg = Lex Luthor
•Holly Hunter = Senator June Finch
•Diane Lane = Martha Kent
•Laurence Fishburne = Perry White
•Jeremy Irons = Alfred Pennyworth

As far as the much discussed topic of if Ben Affleck does a good job as Batman compared to Christian Bale: I never saw the Christian Bale films…but his performance in Newsies was spectacular. Ben Affleck is a great actor, no one can deny him that fact. From an outsider’s perspective, he was a fine Batman but a Batman I found I could not sympathize with. The character seemed only like two dimensional villain for most of the film. That was not the fault of Ben Affleck, it was the fault of the writers. (Though, whoever is Affleck’s make up artist deserves an award for making him have virtually no under eye bags. Yes, I noticed.)

What I think would fix the problem, where to be if there was a stand alone Batman origin film starring Affleck. Has there been a lot of Batman films, yes, but if you take the story and put it in a 2016 setting, it will easily bring the series a new light. After a quick Google search, the last Batman origin film was in 2005 Batman Begins. With our vast amount of enhanced technology (over ten years time) and the fact that no one wears Ed Hardy t-shirts any more, you can take Bruce to a new level and include new villains that were never seen on screen before.

The other actors:
Overall, fantastic acting. Henry Cavill is a great actor…if you care about him acting and are not blindsided by his appearance. Amy Adams always shines if she is playing an Academy Award nominated role, or a wannabe Disney princess, this was no exception. The definition of a stand out role goes to Eisenberg as Lex Luther. It’s no shock he has earned an Academy Award nomination, his performance was the highlight of the film.

The Marvel vs. DC debate:
What Marvel does best in its films in the overall aspect of storytelling. There is constant light humor as a comic relief. There was nothing comparable in the film I saw. It was straight-forward, action, action, action, action, with barely any dialogue and possibly two zingers which made no one in the audience chuckle (“I thought she [Wonder Woman] was with you…”). With Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War hitting theaters in just months, the two films are highly comparable. Two superheroes (Batman vs. Superman and Captain America vs. Iron Man respectively) battle it out and a fan favorite (Wonder Woman/ Spider-Man) gets a lot of hype for a relatively small role. Both films are leading up to be part of a bigger film with DC’s Justice League and Marvel’s two part Infinity War. It’s an age old battle of brands: Pepsi vs. Coke, Burger King vs. McDonald’s. The thing with battles is, usually one needs the other to build itself up, have some friendly competition. The fact is neither comic would be where it is without the other. They need each other. Superheroes will always be battling on screen and in comics, as will their publishers.

In conclusion #TeamCap

Written by CelebMix