A New Direction for One Direction?

The Action1D initiative has caused a stir online today with many entertainment news sources reporting on the bands next project, this time, it has nothing to do with a new song or album, it has to do with changing our world.

There was a video posted online today, just under two minutes long, that explains the plan behind the Action 1D movement. By now you’ve probably stumbled across it, or at least seen its trending spot on Twitter (I wrote an article about it earlier on here as well).  It allows each of the boys to speak to us and invite us to join with them to let our voices be heard.  We are invited to make a video, use our talent to submit an idea of change and let it be shown to important world leaders at two large summits later this year.  The message is simple, we have the ability to change the world, not just for ourselves but for those who don’t even have the luxuries of things like clean water or safe homes.  The message lets us know that we are the voices that can call for action, for change, for equality and for happiness, we can ask for more.

One Direction have always been selfless, they’ve supported numerous charities such as Comic Relief and Green Peace.  We’ve seen their individual twitters send messages of hope and inspiration to many children and young adults affected by disaster, trauma, and cancer.  We’ve seen them at charity events raising money since they were just starting out, but most people have still just looked at them as a group of ‘young boys’.  They’ve never been able to shake the image of childhood, and neither have their fans.  Most people laugh when anyone over the general age of 16 days they like One Direction, most people still see anything associated with the boys as juvenile.

That’s why this Action 1D, and the rest of what we’ve seen change for them this year, is so important.  I don’t believe we’re at the end of One Direction, I think we’re going through a rebrand.  We’ve seen their interviews more geared toward their music and their writing this year…less about girls and celeb crushes. We’ve seen them in the studio with well known musical acts, seen them receive support from people well respected in the industry.  We witnessed Zayn leave the band and instead of falling apart; Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam came out stronger, tougher, dare I say more united.  We’ve been at the forefront of a huge shift for One Direction and I believe this is just the cherry on top for them, this project is truly allowing us to see them as mature artists, as good people, as young adults with hearts hungry for a better world.  We’ve seen tweets in support of changes already being made in countries around the world, showing that One Direction are involved with wanting a better today, a better tomorrow, and not just for them in their own homes but for everyone everywhere.  In showing their hearts that way, in showing support for major world issues it gives people the sense that maybe their fan base is the same way, it gives us the spotlight to say we’ve grown up with them, we’ve matured alongside them and we’re different too.  We don’t just want to know who they’re hanging out with on Friday nights or what scandalous photo we’ll see online on a random morning…we want to see this side of them, the side of them that showcases their hearts, their kindness, their spirit.

I for one could not be more proud of who they’re becoming, both together and as a band, who they’ve honestly always been, but are just now getting to show.  It’s important that the young men of One Direction can keep their youthful spirit and still be taken seriously as growing adults, and that’s finally being given to them, something they’ve long deserved.

So if you’re a fan of One Direction, I hope you’ve taken the initiative to support them this year, to support what they stand for, and if you’re not I hope the next time you see their names associated with a benefit or a cause you’ll look into it and see the heart they’re showing, see what these young men use their fame to do.

Most would say that fame changes people, in the case of One Direction, I beg to say they’re changing fame, and doing a beautiful job of it.




Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.