A spoiler free guide to series 6 of Downton Abbey

Here at Celebmix we were very lucky to be given a sneaky peek at the Series 6 première of Downton Abbey last week at the swanky  Mayfair hotel in London and it was amazing.

We’ve put together a spoiler free guide to series 6 of Downton Abbey and boy is it a good one.


1) The Dowager Countess Violet Crawley (played by Dame Maggie Smith) is on seriously good form with her witty remarks and say-it-as it-is put downs in the first episode. Her remarks won’t fail to have you giggling in to your cup of tea.
2)The new series is set in 1925 and brings many changes,it leaves the Earl of Grantham (Hugh Bonnevile)wondering if life at Downton is a bit out of touch with the rest of the world and society and if down sizing maybe the answer.

3)The lovely studious Daisy (Sophie McShera) gets a little bit angry and has a bit of a row with a well to do fellow. Her little explosion could potentially spell trouble for her future at Downton with all the changes going on

4)One of our favourite characters get blackmailed over a past indiscretion. It all gets sorted though and leads to one of the loveliest scenes in the episode.

5)Carson (Jim Carter ) and Mrs Hughes (Phyllis Logan) finally get round to talking about their wedding. Naturally they involve Mrs Patmore (Lesley Nicol) and there is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding.This leads to some of the funniest and heart warming scenes in Downton’s history.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

Likes to post in black and white on Instagram. Avid Tea drinker, preferably Yorkshire Tea or Lipton Iced Tea and lover of Pop Culture. Contact: kelly@celebmix.com