CelebMix Exclusive: Abigail Rose premieres new single ‘The Risk’

Abigail Rose is exclusively premiering her new single through CelebMix.

The star, who is making waves in Nashville and producing some of the most forward-sounding music the city has seen in years, drops the new single today in a CelebMix Exclusive.

Her voice has been described as having a “deep rich tone”, similar to that of UK pop sensation Dua Lipa, and she flawlessly blends hip-hop influences into her music.

“The Risk” is the perfect example of her craft, and you can hear it before for the first time right here on CelebMix.

Speaking to CelebMix ahead of releasing the new track, Abigail said: “The Risk was written from a really personal and honest place.

“At first, it might sound like I’m singing about the physical side of relationships, but if you listen close, I’m saying that the most terrifying part of being in a relationship is being vulnerable and naked emotionally, sharing all your thoughts, fears, and dreams.

“We’ve all seen how the most valuable relationships require letting your guard down because when you do open up it can be the best feeling in the world, but you have to know that it comes with a risk.”

The Risk is available to stream now. You can find Abigail on social media – she’s on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and posts content on her website.

Written by Jack