Have you ever needed to be a bit inspired, needed something or someone to say the right thing to set a plan in motion?  I’ve been feeling that way lately, so this morning I was pleased to stumble upon a new trend on twitter, especially one that involved One Direction.  I was interested immediately after watching the video, and I’m hoping you will be too.

#Action1D is a lovely way that you can watch a few videos (more will appear as the month progresses), hear a great message, and create your own to make a change within not just your own country, but our world entirely.  There are historic summits taking place in September and December where world leaders will come together and make decisions that have the power to change the way of life for all of us.  They’ll discuss poverty, inequality, climate change, etc; basically the floor is ours!

If you want to live in a world where basic human rights are enjoyed by every person, not just some, then now is your chance to use your voice, use your talent, use your art, and let your ideas, your dreams, and your wishes be heard.  I know I want to wake up and know that there are no more countries where it’s against the law to love someone of the same sex.  I want to know that there are children all over the planet who have the right to necessities like education and clean water.  I want to know that even though it’s still a battle we’re fighting, that I used my voice to speak to people who have the power to make change, and that I inspired them to take a look at our world and make it better for everyone.

As Louis says in the video

‘We can be part of something that actually makes a difference to our future and helps people who need the support.’

Please feel free to click the link below, hear a great message by the lovely boys (who can get enough of those accents? not me!) and use your own to change our world!  We can be the generation to do it, the change starts with you and I.

Action 1D

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.