Adam Deacon and Noel Clarke once mentor and young actor now bitter enemies

Deacon who is now 32 has been found guilty of harassing Clarke via text and social media. He has been issued a restraining order to not go near Clarke or his family. Deacon appeared at Hammersmith’s magistrate’s court where he was barred from contacting Clarke in any way.

Apparently the feud started over the title of Deacon’s film Anuvahood which Clarke felt like it infringed on his movie’s title Kidulthood and Adulthood. Also Deacon signed a contract removing Clarke from being part of the filming process.

The two were good friends however, that all ended in 2011 when Anuvahood was released. Clarke always felt it was him who gave Deacon his big break as he chose Deacon to play Jay in Kidulthood starting his acting career.

Oscar Merry who was defending Deacon stated: ‘Deacon, who is currently unemployed, has a history of mental health difficulties.’

Still the Judge did not see this as a valid excuse and prosecuted Deacon.

District Judge Shenagh Bayne said Deacon had made: ‘veiled threats’ by posting pictures of Clarke’s family and had a ‘grievance that goes back a long time’.

‘The sheer number of messages that you sent is indicative of your intention to harass Mr. Clarke,’ she added.

The abuse has definitely affected Clarke as he has warned his whole family to be on high alert including his children’s local school.

Deacon informed the court he only received a poultry £1,500 for his role in Kidulthood. Even though Clarke had informed him he would make a lot more.

Deacon did admit however, to posting some messages on Twitter, but insisted these were not directed at Clarke.




Written by CelebMix