Adam Lambert covers Billboard Magazine

Adam Lambert covers the brand new issue of Billboard magazine.

In the ‘Music’s Men of Style’ issue, Adam talks about how he’s switched his fashion influences channelling more traditional heartthrobs.

“I’ve put down a lot of the makeup. I put the flat iron in the attic. I’m looking at people like Elvis and James Dean.”

On his favourite designer

“I love Margiela, how their stuff fits. Certain lines are for certain body types, and not all of Saint Laurent quite fits me. I’m not a waify little 22-year-old model, as much as sometimes I’d like to be, for fashion’s sake. Margiela is cut for, like, men.”

The power Of trends

“As a pop musician, [trends] are part of my job; to reflect what people like. Production and the way something sounds are very much like fashion, where for a particular season people are gravitating toward something.”

His best fashion advice

“Take one thing away.”

Can’t live without

“[My] old, white Buddhist Punk T-shirt. It’s kind of burnt out with holes all over it; it’s something I’ve had in the closet for 10 years and I keep going back to it.”

Written by CelebMix