Adam Lambert Releases An Edgy Mood Boosting New Track, "Two Fux"

Adam Lambert Releases An Edgy Mood Boosting New Track, “Two Fux”

Leave it to Adam Lambert to release an edgy mood boosting track! Ever since June 22nd, Adam has been teasing new music. He even announced the title to his first new single in awhile, “Two Fux,” leaving us clips of what it’ll sound like.

Some of the many teasers can be seen below:

The only way to hear the full song recently was if you saw him perform with Queen on the current Adam Lambert + Queen Tour, where he surprises the crowd singing his own single, aka “Two Fux.” BUT… now you can purchase the single on iTunes and listen to “Two Fux” on multiple streaming services, such as Spotify and YouTube!

We wouldn’t be surprised if the track quickly hits Top 5 on the iTunes Song Chart with empowering lyrics like, “People think that I’m from mars / Whatever,” “If you think that what I say and what I give ain’t love / I don’t really really give two f*cks”, and “You see me talking to myself / Cause no one gets me like myself / I’ve been this way since I was twelve / I get it.”

Congrats on your new single Adam! We look forward to hearing some more new music soon. And most of all, thank you for releasing a track that helps anyone who feels “different” feel special, just as they should.

You can purchase “Two Fux” on iTunes HERE, or listen to the track below:

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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