Adam Lambert Releases New Album, ‘Velvet’, AND Music Video for the Title Track

Adam Lambert has always been theatrical and has had his own sense of style since For Your Entertainment came out in 2009. He has never been afraid to wear makeup or sparkly/colorful outfits, which is why so many adore him, including us! Even though he has always stayed true to himself, the Velvet era is bringing those theatrical vibes back to us even more when it comes to his solo music, separate from his iconic performances singing with Queen.

So far the Velvet era is everything we didn’t know we needed in our life, but now need more of!

But don’t worry, you can want it all and want it now, because Adam’s new album, Velvet, debuted on March 20th along with the music video for the title track! With lyrics like, “Wanna rock something in my own kinda way / Like it’s tailor-made for me,” the audience gets a fun play on words as he talks about clothes, but is also referring to his love life.

Adam told USA TODAY that, “Velvet reflects all parts of my personality when it comes to love: loving yourself, looking for love, love lost.” With this album, he wanted to be in control, which is why he co-wrote all the songs. “I dug up albums I listened to as a kid growing in my parents’ house — a lot from the ’70s and ’80s. It was a lot of trial and error,” he said.

Before releasing the full album, Adam released Velvet: Side A back in September of 2019, which was an EP with 6 of the songs. The full album features 13 tracks, including the previous 6.

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Below are the 13 tracks on Velvet:

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