Adam Lambert Won’t Let Anti-Gay Petitioners Stop Him

Adam Lambert Won’t Let Anti-Gay Petitioners Stop Him

American Idol finalist Adam Lambert isn’t going to let a petition signed by 20,065 signatures stop him from performing at Singapore’s Celebrate 2016 New Year’s Eve event.

The anti-gay activist group Focus on the Family launched a petition which stated, “This petition was meant to appeal to the better judgment of the Organizers to reconsider their choice of foreign performers in Countdown 2016, on the basis of inclusion of the young and the often cited silent majority in Singapore who continue to uphold values that appear contrary to the liberal west.”

The petition is referring to past public performances where Lambert “engaged in sexualized acts,” such as kissing another man in 2009 for his performance on the American Music Awards.

According to the petition, “These “lewd acts” and “active promotion of a highly sexual lifestyle and LGBT rights are contrary to mainstream Singaporean values.”

To help fight for Lambert and the Glamberts (Adam Lambert fans) of Singapore, Warner Music started its own petition in favor of letting Lambert perform at Countdown 2016.

Part of Warner Music’s petition stated, “The opposing petition are anti-family and anti-Singaporean values because their discrimination harms family members. We support real family values and real Singaporean values by being modern and inclusive.”

“The groups “Singaporeans United for Family” and Singapore “Focus on the Family” have been promoting discrimination against LGBT people in Singapore by promoting the “against” petition. These groups also promote divisive discrimination by repeating homophobic claims commonly found in similar United States hate groups.”

“We think it’s time these groups truly respect all people living in Singapore and confirm they will help stop LGBT discrimination by working towards accepting and loving our LGBT family members and their natural and normal sexual orientation. Discrimination has no place in Singapore and these groups need to work towards a together Singapore not a divisive Singapore.”

The Warner Music petition got 24,742 signatures before it closed, which was over 4,000 signatures than the original petition. Due to the winning petition, thanks to the support from his fans, Adam Lambert will continue to perform at Singapore’s Celebrate 2016 New Year’s Eve event.

Below is a statement Adam Lambert wrote on Warner Music’s Facebook page.


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