Adele Brings Two Irish Fans on Stage to Sing a Medley.

Adele is currently on tour wowing audiences all across the UK and Ireland. At her recent show in Dublin, Adele stunned two fans in the crowd by inviting them on stage to sing.

The lucky two guys were  Glenn Muphy  and Ronan Scolard, who just days before the show had recorded a mash-up of Adele’s songs to celebrate going to see her on her tour in Ireland. The video went viral, Adele saw it and heard the guys were going to be at her show, and couldn’t resist inviting them up on stage for a good old sing-song.

“Come down here! This show ‘aint going on ’till you’re down here.” She says and she makes the entire crowd (which included Bono and Hozier ) wait until Glenn and Ronan reach the stage.

Glenn and Ronan were rightly a bit gobsmacked as Adele told them “Oh come on, you can’t put it online and me be in Dublin and not think I’m not gonna tell you to come up.”

She tells them their medley was so beautiful that it made her cry and asks them to perform it for her and the rest of the crowd right there and then.
The boys did.

And wow it was beautiful.

It’s a bit of tear jerker so get your tissues ready.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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