Adele on Taylor Swift: “I Love Her”

Wait, can it be true? Can multiple-Grammy award winner, music maverick and one of the most phenomenally successful female artists Adele really have paid a compliment to another multiple-Grammy award winner, music maverick and one of the most phenomenally successful female artists, Taylor Swift? *gasps!* It’s almost as if two successful female artists can actually like and support each other in their achievements and ambitions!

Well yes, it is true! Despite many media outlets doing their very best to paint the picture of a feud between musics two leading females since Adele released her latest album 25, which took over Taylor Swift’s latest album in terms of sale and broke Taylor’s most VEVO views in a 24 hour period, it seems there’s no bad blood there at all!

Most articles praising Adele lately seem to use it as an opportunity to take down Taylor Swift, with headlines such as Sorry Taylor Swift, but Adele just beat you, and rumours that Taylor Swift was blocking and deleting Tumblr accounts that showed any support for Adele were circulated, but unfounded. Despite this, Taylor Swift has never said a bad word about the British vocal powerhouse, and there’s no factual basis to believe she has any animosity toward her at all. To counter this, defence of Swift came in the form of articles proclaiming that Adele failed to sell out as many Staple Centre shows as Swift, and how she tends to perform to much smaller audiences, once more pitting the women against each other rather than celebrate their shared success and the unparalleled heights of fame and success both women are hitting.

Adele has spoken kindly of Taylor Swift in the past, noting how it was a conversation with Swift’s collaborator Ryan Tedder of One Republic and her listening to and loving Taylor’s song I Knew You Were Trouble that lead to Adele working with hit-makers Max Martin and Johan Shellback on the song Send My Love (To Your New Lover), one of 25’s stand out tracks. She’s been fast to praise the singer before, but in an upcoming interview with Time, Adele cites Taylor as her “Comrade in arms” on account of the fact that both women are taking such a strong stand against online music streaming that often leads to under-payments to smaller artists, producers and writers.

I love her – how powerful she is.” Adele said, in reference to how Taylor was one of the first and most prominent artists to take a stand against streaming services, and how her open letter to Apple prompted them to a change in policy in order to more fairly compensate the artists involved.

“We’ll get lumped together now because of it, but I think we would both feel the ability to say yes or no to things even if we weren’t successful.” Adele continued, noting how both women are very much in control of their own careers, and aren’t quick to go against their own moral compass! 

As two of the most prominent and powerful women in music, it’s great to see them come together over such an important – and divisive – issue, and both women are leading the way to changing how the music industry will operate in the future.

So there you have it (once again), Adele loves Taylor Swift, and there’s no bad blood between them!

My god, if Adele carries on like this, she might just have us believing that one woman’s achievements doesn’t immediately negate another’s! Let’s face it, both Taylor Swift and Adele are truly slaying right now, and are both icons in our eyes!

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Written by CelebMix