Adele Performs “Water Under the Bridge” on Tonight Show

Adele has been a very busy woman lately. Her latest album, 25, was released on Friday and she has made appearances on some of the biggest shows to promote it. She appeared to enjoy her skit on last week’s episode of “Saturday Night Live,” posting a picture of her reaction on Instagram.

On Monday night, she appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” where she performed “Water Under the Bridge” live for the first time.

“Water Under the Bridge” is one of the more upbeat songs on the new album. Wearing a long black dress and perfect make-up, Adele’s powerful voice had an angelic sound throughout the entire song. The audience cheered and got out of their seats when the performance came to an end. Host Jimmy Fallon was also impressed with the performance, yelling, “C’mon!”

Adele wasn’t just a musical guest on the show. She sat down for an interview with Fallon and in addition, the two faced off in the guessing game, Box of Lies. While she got some big laughs during the game, it was hard for her to fool Fallon, as he ended up winning.

Adele isn’t done promoting her new album just yet. She will be on the TODAY show on Wednesday morning and will perform during the show.

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Written by CelebMix