Adele reveals new album, 25

After surprising the nation with a 30-second clip of her new single during Sunday night’s X Factor, Adele has once again grabbed the headlines by revealing the name of her new album in a statement released this morning.

Craftily getting around Twitter’s 140 character limit, the soul queen tweeted a screenshot of a lengthy personal message in which she revealed the album’s name and hinted at its theme.

Passionate Adele fans, self-styled Daydreamers, can probably guess the name. Continuing her pattern of naming records after her age, the breakout 19 and the critically-acclaimed 21 will be followed up by the long-awaited… 25.

According to Adele, 21, which shifted a staggering 30 million copies worldwide, was a “break-up record”, while her upcoming one will be more of a “make-up record” documenting her tricky transition from adolescence to adulthood. She admits, “I made the decision to go into becoming who I’m going to be forever without a removal van full of my old junk.”

So, will 25 have the same impact? Only time will tell. But there can be no denying the hype surrounding her new sound. Indeed, fans have had to wait four long years while Adele put her music on hold to have her baby, Angelo, and be all loved up with her husband, Simon. She apologised, admitting “life happened”.

No need to apologise, Adele, just hurry up and tell us the release date!

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Written by CelebMix