Adele SLAYS at Glastonbury!

Glastonbury were stunned last night as Adele took to the stage with her witty humour and stunning voice, resulting in her being dubbed ‘queen’ of the festival.

Prior to her groundbreaking performance, sceptics criticised the organisers’ decision to book headliner Adele, deeming her songs ‘too boring’ and ‘miserable’.

Adele was determined to prove the haters wrong last night and she certainly delivered! 

Adele SLAYS at Glastonbury! 5

Given the political division within the United Kingdom splitting the country in two parties, Adele created an incredible atmosphere bringing a sense of solidarity between the Glastonbury goers and the Britons watching at home.

“Hang on we’re one big happy family here, stop your booing! After what happened the other day and you wanna boo each other?!”

Adele began her set with an emotional “Hello”, changing the lyric of the song from “I’m in California” to “I’m at Glastonbury”:

She went on to sing ‘Rumour Has It”, “I’ll Be Waiting”, and “One And Only” before plucking up the courage to talk to her adoring crowd despite her language becoming more and more colourful:

“The BBC had to put out a warning because of my potty mouth. I bet Muse didn’t get that!”

Determined to interact with the crowd as much as possible, the record breaking songstress invited 10 year old, Lila on stage for a selfie!

Continuing with her set list, Adele belted out her Oscar-winning song, Skyfall before delivering her Alison Krauss moment with “Don’t You Remember” bringing acoustic vibes to her set.

After singing and dancing to most recent single, “Send My Love”, Adele started, stopped and restarted “River Lea” to regain her breath. The MBE holder fluffed her words, but her giddy smile and cheeky cackle makes it so easy for us to forgive her.

Adele SLAYS at Glastonbury! 2

As the sun set over Somerset, Adele brought her own confetti to the party as she and 150,000 harmoniously sung her tour’s closing number, “Rolling In The Deep”.

For us, one of the most iconic moments of Adele’s set came in the form of Bob Dylan cover “Make You Feel My Love” as she persuaded the audience to all put their torches on, creating a sea of lights:

The mother-of-one then sang “Set Fire To The Rain” – very fitting for an extremely muddy Glastonbury. Red flares were set off throughout the crowd, resulting in the illusion of fire.

After a sudden break and a video of Adele in 2007 performing, she came back for a two song encore, much to the delight of the loud, chanting crowd.

To end, Adele sang “When We Were Young” – her second single from ’25’, which has received its gold certification recently – and “Someone Like You’.

“Take care and look after each other” Adele gushed during her exit.

As she left the stage, the singer was clearly missed as the crowd sang the chorus of “Someone Like You” proving that her performance was as legendary live as on TV.

Adele’s humble and grounded personality makes it impossible not to love her. We think Adele will be one of the few artists of this generation to reach icon status.

If you live in the UK and would like to watch Adele’s set, you can do so here.

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Written by CelebMix