Adidas Encourages Athletes To Embrace Their Truth As They Announce A New LBGT Clause

In an age where acceptance and respect are more necessary than ever, Adidas has taken to the public with a statement not only supporting – but encouraging athletes in the LGBT community to be proud of who they are.

Adidas financial officer Robin Stalker made the announcement at a sports conference on Thursday February 11th that was dedicated to improving how LGBT athletes are viewed in sport.

Stalker said this about the added clause.

“Adidas acknowledges and adheres to the principles of diversity, as this is a central part of the Adidas group philosophy.  Therefore Adidas warrants that this agreement will neither be terminated nor modified in case the athlete comes out to the public as a member of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community.”

While in Britain it is illegal to be terminated due to your sexual identity or preference, it is not in some other countries that Adidas sponsor athletes from.  One of the biggest shows of this remains in certain states in the US where, more each day, equality is being fought for.  Unfortunately, a stigma still exists around the LGBT community and people of circumstance, be it through athletic ability or celebrity notoriety, are scared to embrace who they are in fear of losing opportunities in the future.

in 2015 Adidas made a shoe with rainbow paint splatter that served as a sign of support for not only athletes, but anyone who stands in the LGBT community and the supporters around them.

Adidas 1

For athletes around the world, this statement from Adidas meant freedom, support, and safety.  It meant feeling comfort in knowing that they could be ‘out’ and proud and not have to question if they’d have a career to come back to.

Some fans left hateful remarks on the stories that resulted after the statement was made which only went to further prove that the announcement was not only in good measure, but necessary for the general public.  Who you love should not determine your worth in this world; how you love means a lot more.

Way to go Adidas – we stand beside this, and you, 100%.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.