Adina E Releases An Animated Music Video for? “Changing” With An Important Message

Adina E Releases An Animated Music Video for “Changing” With An Important Message

For Adina E, singing and performing have always been her first love. But it wasn’t until her mid 40’s that she allowed herself to pursue music professionally. And we’re glad that she did.

“Tiptoe through your soul, maybe you’ll find your way back home / Maybe you’ll find your way back home / Take these words, make them yours /  I hope you find your voice, find your worth.”

Those are the first words for Adina’s new single “Changing”,  a song so powerful, that you can’t help but listen to it more than once, especially if you needed a reminder that YOU are worth it.

With lyrics like, “If you miss don’t keep score / You are worth more than this,” Adina is explaining that it’s okay to make mistakes. You can’t keep keeping score of all the misses, but instead keep track of everything you do well.

One of the most touching lyrics of the song is when Adina sings, “If you want to leave this world / Please listen to me first / Baby you’re amazing / If you cannot take the hurt / You must believe that you’re strongest when you’re at your worst,” because it’s true. Even when you’re at your worst, you are strong. Why? Because you are still here and fighting, and as Adina says, you most definitely are amazing.

“Changing” is all about the deep change within a person that can sometimes effect a person. The animated music video created by Yoni Goodman, Maayan Shinar and Sefi Gayego, perfectly express what the song is fully about. The video has even been accepted into multiple film festivals internationally, including the upcoming Cut-Out Festival in the city of Queretaro, Mexico, which Adina will attend in person.

Check out the video for “Changing ” below:

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