Watch: Adorable little fan heartbroken over One Direction hiatus

We were only just coming to terms with One Direction’s fastly approaching hiatus ourselves when our hearts were shattered all over again. Since this morning, a video has been making the rounds on social media of an adorable little girl crying her eyes out because she desperately wants to see Louis Tomlinson – and oh, how relatable is that.

Aptly titled “First heartbreak brought to you by @louis_tomlinson and the @onedirection hiatus”, the video shows Allyson, a young One Direction fan, crying while the lovely tunes of 1D’s ‘Gotta Be You’ can be heard in the background. Clutching her Louis doll, Allyson asks her mum if she can go see him. When mum explains that Louis isn’t there with an apologetic “baby, I don’t have him here”, and let’s not pretend we don’t hear the sadness in her voice (it’s alright mum, we feel you), Allyson just starts crying louder.

Luckily, all it takes to make the little girl stop crying is the promise that when the One Direction lads go on tour again, they’ll go see them. For Allyson’s sake and our own, let’s hope that day comes sooner rather than later.

Written by CelebMix