The Voice (US) 2017: Season 130

The Superstar Advisors For Season 13 Of The Voice Have Been Revealed

With the thirteenth season of, “The Voice (US),” just over a month away, our excitement is reaching boiling point and we cannot wait to see who is going to be the newest winner of the American talent show… But since the latest season of the show hasn’t even aired yet and we haven’t mastered how to predict the future, we’re going to have to wait a while to report that. However, we can now reveal who the celebrity coaches have chosen as their superstar advisors, and you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Adam Levine has picked Joe Jonas as his right-hand man, Blake Shelton has enlisted the help of Rascal Flatts, Jennifer Hudson will be bringing the girl power with Kelly Rowland and Miley Cyrus is making it a family affair by having Billy Ray Cyrus advise her. Now that is some serious talent! See, we told you that you wouldn’t be disappointed.

But exactly how did the coaches choose their advisors? Well, according to Adam, “It was purely shallow.”

Adam recently sat down with Entertainment Tonight to explain why he chose singer Joe Jonas to help him in the competition and he said, “he’s a beautiful man. He is perfect for the job. He’s very mellow, which is good because he balances me out… He offers good advice, and very sound advice. I trust his opinion because I’m a fan of his. Trust me, I’ve worked with people I didn’t necessarily know as well as I know Joe, and it hasn’t been as good because you have to have that chemistry. But we get along and we’re like-minded in a lot of ways so it makes it easier for us to coach together.”

“We’ve really bonded with each other,” Joe added of his bromance with the singer. “It has been a great experience. I think this is spoiling me because everyone we’ve worked with has been really talented. I’m very impressed with Adam’s likes, and what he’s attracted to when it comes to singers. We have been pretty lucky to see such great, talented people.”

Adam Levine and Joe Jonas on The Voice

During his recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Adam also sung the praises of Jennifer Hudson who is the newest addition to the coaching panel. He said that she has been, “super good,” and that he is happy to be working with her. “She did the show over in the UK so it was really easy because she was used to the way that the show works and it’s the same chairs and the same vibes. It was cool that she got to do that and she won actually. Last season! Different show!”

Now, what’s better than one pop powerhouse sitting in the coaching seat? That would be two pop powerhouses sitting in the coaching seat! We think this is what Jennifer Hudson was thinking when she asked none other than Kelly Rowland to join her as an advisor.

“She’s Kelly Rowland! I’ve always been a fan of hers,” Jennifer told Access Hollywood in a recent interview, “and we keep crossing paths this way.”

“I’m loving it,” Kelly agreed.

Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Rowland on The Voice

And speaking of pop powerhouses, Miley’s chances of winning, “The Voice,” this season just increased drastically with the confirmation that she is bringing her famous dad, Billy Ray Cyrus along to advise. That’s right, viewers will get a double dose of Cyrus when the thirteenth season of, “The Voice,” airs next month.

Miley confirmed the news on Monday night with a sweet tweet which had us all instantly pledging to be on #TeamDad.

Last but not least is Blake Shelton, who has revealed that his advisors will be the one and only Rascal Flatts.

In a recent interview with Extra, the legendary band sat down with Blake to discuss their appearance on the show and we are already in awe of their friendship which Blake says will lead to a performance at some point. “Yes! This is my show and people do what I tell them to do,” he joked when asked if he would trade his place on the famous red chair for a place on the stage. “I’m telling them right now. Live. Breaking news. I am going to make Rascal Flatts perform with me.”

“Blake’s got such a great ear for turning his chair around and finding great people so it’s awesome to meet them and give them some tips. It’s been a lot of fun working with him. There’s a lot of talent on Team Blake!” Lead vocalist, Gary LeVox said.

Blake Shelton and Rascal Flatts on The Voice

As for his fellow coaches on the show? Blake doesn’t seem all that concerned with their chances of winning this season. “When I think of the other coaches,” he told Extra, “I think it’s going to be the same Adam and his ego. Miley? She’s changed, she’s turned a dial and she’s country now so that is an insult to me and I take it personally, so she’s on my hit list. The jury’s out on Jennifer. She’s a sweet person and I like her a lot, a beautiful girl but that doesn’t matter… She is my competition. So, forget her.”

We really can’t call this one so we will just have to wait and see what happens. Make sure you join us and tune in to, “The Voice (US),” when it premieres on 25th September, at 8pm ET/PT on NBC.

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Written by Zoe Adams

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