AGT’s Jayna Brown Continues to Wow After Receiving the Golden Buzzer from Louis Tomlinson

If you’ve been keeping up with America’s Got Talent then the name Jayna Brown has most definitely found a home on your radar.  The 14-year-old with a powerhouse voice first wowed fans after she told her heartwarming story about her journey to finding her voice and how her mom has done everything possible to make her dreams come true. Jayna and her mother are currently without a home of their own, staying with friends as finances are hard, but her mother was quoted during AGT saying this meant a lot to Jayna so they packed up and made it happen, proving that Jayna was right about her mother’s dedication to Jayna’s dream.

‘Summertime’ was her song of choice during her first audition where she blew away the audience and judges alike but her true shining and most memorable moment was her second time on the America’s Got Talent stage with Louis Tomlinson as a guest judge.

When Jayna took the stage, she was a bit starstruck to see a favorite celebrity of hers sitting in front of her, ready to judge her song, but her nerves didn’t get to her once as she sang a beautiful rendition of ‘Rise Up’.  It was so beautiful in fact, that the judges rose to their feet in applause after her performance and Louis used the golden buzzer after her performance – pushing her directly through to the live rounds.

The emotional moment where Jayna and her mom hugged, and Louis got pulled in too, had all of us here – and most of you at home – in tears!  Her voice, talent, and passion are evident in every note she sings and things have only been getting better for her as the hours progress.

Not long after her AGT appearance, she started getting loads of fans of her own, and of course, One Direction fans took special interest to the girl as she received such an honor from Louis.  A bond was immediately formed between Jayna and fans of the band and she put up a treat on her Instagram (on One Direction’s 6 year anniversary) that showed off her incredible talent and also her quirky personality – she’s got a lot going for her.

Louis liked the post on July 25th, showing that he – like the rest of the world – is keeping up with Jayna and believes in her greatness, and having Louis believe in your greatness is quite possibly the coolest feeling ever.

America’s Got Talent live rounds begin this week, so keep your eyes peeled for Jayna’s performance as well as the rest of the hopefuls as they leave their fate on the show in the hands of the viewers.

We’re wishing Jayna all the confidence and happiness as she prepares – we’d wish her luck but there’s clearly no need.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.