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Akira Galaxy Releases Debut Single “Virtual Eyes” Providing a Captivating Listen

Akira Galaxy (born Akira Galaxy Ament), a 23-year-old singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, released her debut single “Virtual Eyes” on the 8th March. In which, she explores the theme of falling in love remotely where there is a realization after that the relationship was built on fantasy.

“Virtual Eyes” has a awe-inspiring music video to accompany the track. We get a 80s nostalgia vibe from both the track and the music video. It has the aesthetics from the era. Akira Galaxy in “Virtual Eyes” has similar vibes to Madonna in the 80s era. So Akira is certainly an artist to watch out for. We love the aesthetics of the old TV screen style visual the music video has.

She has the grit of the alt-rock sound paired with a transatlantic aesthetic, to which this sets her apart from other artists. She has unique vocals with a timeless sounding singing voice. “Virtual Eyes” will be followed by her debut collection of songs. Set to provide listeners with a dynamic sound, accompanied by visuals that will be just as vibrant as the rest of the songs. “Virtual Eyes” was produced and mixed by Samuel Westhoff (Sports).

Akira was born and grew up in Seattle. With artists as parents and a household where music and art was paramount, she attended her first concert at the age of three. Going on to write her first song at ten years old. She moved to Los Angeles in 2018 to develop her ability and career as a musician. In which, her upbringing in Seattle where she was surrounded by a wide variety of genres of music, has had great influence on her music. We can not wait to hear what is next from Akira and her dynamic sound.

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Written by Emily Severn

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