Watch: Broadway’s Aladdin Parody Hamilton After Softball Win

Aladdin beat Hamilton…at a softball game. The Broadway casts of Aladdin and Hamilton were up against each other in a softball game as part of The Broadway Show League. (Learn all about The Broadway Show League HERE.) Aladdin won then took to YouTube to create a parody of Hamilton’s opening number “Alexander Hamilton”. Try not to chuckle, we dare you!

The two are going back at it on July 14 and we can’t wait to see how it turns out. What comes next? Will Aladdin continue to be a diamond in the rough or will Hamilton blow us all away and win? All we know is it will certainly end up in a musical feast for our eyes and ears.

Which Aladdin song do you think Hamilton should parody? Let us know @CelebMix (We’re cheering for “Prince Ali” or “A Whole New World”)

Written by CelebMix