Aladdin To Recieve Live Action Treatment

Disney doesn’t half love a live action take on a classic, recently we’ve had Cinderella and we have the upcoming Beauty and the Beast, but this film is set to go down the Maleficent root. Focusing not on Aladdin but on the Genie, the film is apparently going to prequel the Aladdin story and let you see how the Genie ended up in the bottle in the first place. What will this film be called you ask? Genies, yes innovation at it’s best.

The film promises to be a magical affair, with mystical beings at work. We will go on a journey full of enchantment as we follow the Genie on his journey to… well to entrapment in a lamp where he essentially becomes a slave to anyone who gives it a cheeky rub. Hey hoe guess we wont be getting a happy ending, but if all goes well we may get an actual live action Aladdin movie about Aladdin. Wahey.

Written by CelebMix