ALBUM REVIEW: Bastian Baker’s Self-Titled Release

Bastian Baker is one of Switzerland’s most famous names and now thanks to his support slot opening for Country music legend Shania Twain during her NOW World tour, Baker who gave up a career as a pro hockey player to pursue music, is all set to take over the world with his delightful blend of country, rock, Americana and folk.

On Friday (October 26th) he releases his fourth studio album into the world. But while the self-titled record is his latest in a long line of LP’s it will be his debut release in the US and UK. The album blends together all of Bastian’s styles perfectly and he has writing credit on all 14 tracks highlighting his all round talent.

The record opens with ‘Stay’ which is a hand-clapping, toe tapping sing-a-long anthem. Despite the dark lyrics it has an anthemic feel and is a hugely infectious rock infused country banger that will delight new and old fans around the globe. It’s a wonderful start to the album and highlights what is to come.

Up next is the slightly more stripped back ‘All Around Us’. During the Shania Twain tour Baker has wowed fans with this slow starter that turns into a massively infectious sing-a-long track with an insanely catchy chorus that is a real ear-worm. You’ll be singing this for days.

At number 3 is ‘Love On Fire’ which begins with soaring vocals from Baker. It’s a song that really highlights and showcases his stunning, rich country vocals. This is another track that has that edgy rock feel that this superstar is famous for. Another standout on a LP that is jam packed with single worthy tracks.

Next is the slow jam ‘So Low’. This is more of an old-school country feel song that allows Baker’s vocals to shine. It has a more laid back vibe compared to the other tracks on the record but it does build to a hand-clapping chorus making it another anthemic feeling track.

At number 5 is ‘Young’ which is one of the overall best song’s on the album. It’ll take you back to your heady days of youth and it will ignite memories of first loves and lost desires. It’s a hugely infectious song that really delves into the richer sounds of Baker’s sweet vocal tone.

At number 6 is the hit single ‘SIX’. This has a folk infused vibe and there’s no wonder he chose this as an official single off the record. It evokes Ed Sheeran vibes and the folky sounds really highlight the many layers Bastian has to offer.

‘You Should Call Me’ is up next and it starts with a sweet piano melody before the hand-clapping, sing-a-long verse kicks in and Bastian Baker’s soaring vocals soar over the music. It’s another real rock infused number that he does so well. Insightful lyrics make this a real highlight and showcase the real depth of his songwriting skills.

‘Yokko’ is next and once again Baker manages to infuse a mix of genres making him a really exciting talent. He cannot be pigeon holed into one specific style and this track really highlights that fact. It has a mix of country styles, rock edges, massive pop infused EDM production and it shows another side to the star.

At number 9 is ‘Light and Easy’ and this one has more of a true country production with folk style lyrics. It’s a gorgeous stripped back ballad that really shines a light on the gorgeous vocal tone of Baker. When he slows it down he showcases that he is one of the best vocal talents on the scene at the moment.

‘Another Day’ is next and once again Bastian allows his skills to be laid bare. This is another stripped back number and it’s simply stunning. This evokes shades of Coldplay and it is a real standout on the album and it builds into an anthemic, hand clapping chorus that will have listeners on their feet.

‘Stage Fright’ is up next and this a massively infectious pop infused, country hit that radios will no doubt love. This has the potential to become a worldwide chart hit and wouldn’t seem out of place on a Shawn Mendes record.

At number 12 is ‘Blame It On Me’ which is a very folky style track that highlights the guitar, songwriting and vocal talents of Bastian. It’s a stunning track that allows the superstar to lay his soul bare. Fans will fall in love with Baker after listening to this track.

The penultimate track is ‘Down’ which is more of a stripped back number and the storytelling lyrics mean it is much more in the country world and has less elements of the rockier edge running through the LP. It does however have that huge chorus that Swiss star does so well though.

The album comes to a close with the guitar driven ‘Time’ which is a wonderful way to bring the record to an end as it makes you want more from the rich, dark, enchanting vocals of Bastian Baker. It is a gorgeous ballad and it’s a real standout on the LP.

RATING 4.5/5

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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