Album Review: Lady Gaga’s Joanne “A Beautifully Passionate Multi-Dimensional World”

Album Review: Lady Gaga's Joanne " 2

Rating: A

Pop icon Lady Gaga returns to the music scene two years after the successful release in Cheek to Cheek with Tony Bennett that quite vocally entranced the world with it’s great jazz inflections. Now, Joanne becomes her fifth creation and with it comes a new perspective which perfectly shows how Gaga has grown as an artist.

The record strikes first fast with powerful vocals and just after ‘Diamond Heart’ and ‘A-YO’, it’s clear that her vocal prowess is indeed strikingly strong and passionate. Right from the bat, there is no holding back and rightfully so. ‘Dancin’ in Circles’ shines in its reggae undertone influence and somehow we become transported into a multi-dimensional world where the beat and Gaga’s whispery-like vocals only exist.

‘Perfect Illusion’ is the perfect middle man of the record and the acoustic setting in songs like ‘Million Reasons’ taps into the emotional work of an artist whose not afraid to fully delve into the ocean of entrapped love.

Album Review: Lady Gaga's Joanne "A Beautifully Passionate Multi-Dimensional World" 1

The Florence Welch collaboration in ‘Hey Girl’ brings a savvy, downtempo feel to the overall feel of Joanne. It’s empowering lyrics gives a toast to the beautiful embodiment of girl power: a strong and perfect stand against the unnecessary cat on cat agenda the media pushes for viewers daily.

‘Angel Down’ is the albums main highlight and beautifully details the outrageous chaos and destruction our society has implanted on black youth and black lives. It’s a cry for help but also a granted dedication to hope, being a believer, and fighting for what’s justifying and right.

I’m a believer, it’s a trial
Foolish and weaker, oh, oh, oh
I’d rather save an angel down
I’m a believer, it’s chaos
Where are our leaders? Oh, oh, oh
I’d rather save an angel down

Joanne reminds us that genres and influences like country and rock are beautiful and quite literally live rooted deep in the world of pop music. There’s no if’s, and’s or but’s – there are no excuses. Germanotta’s respect of all music and artistry solely shows within this record. It’s no Fame Monster, and it’s definitely no Born This Way: it’s simply a different perspective that Lady Gaga has decided to show off to the world and what could be more better than that?

Written by Dannii C.

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