Album Review: Norah Jones’ Day Breaks “Blooming Jazzy Blues Sophistication”


Album Review: Norah Jones' 'Day Breaks' Blooms Jazzy Blues Sophistication 1
Credit Ryan Pfluger for The New York Times

Rating: A

Jazz musician Norah Jones returns with an album that oozes honesty, compassion and a great deal of bluesy wisdom. While the entire record sound dives deep into the reminiscent and hugely successful debut of ‘Come Away With Me’, the lyrics and covers are more emotionally invested.

You can here the tiny springs of Nina Simone in songs like ‘Burn’ and even slight rock influences (‘Day Breaks’) where the subtle guitar and string accompaniments shower the song with a mysterious yet slender tone.

Positivity brews throughout and the simplicity of ‘It’s A Wonderful Time For Love’ and ‘And Then There Was You’ takes us to a magical realm of dark, subtle nights where love is around every corner. ‘Carry On’, the albums lead single, comes in at a perfect time in the record due to it’s prior release. Jazz lovers and fans were already expecting the soul/blues influenced song, so a second to none finale works perfectly.

Album Review: Norah Jones' 'Day Breaks' Blooms Jazzy Blues Sophistication 2

Wisdom calls in ‘One I Had A Laugh’ and ‘Fleurette Africaine’ (African Flower), a Duke Ellington cover that’s quite literally filled with only Jones’ hums and a few instruments such as piano, saxophone, etc. A hauntingly beautiful piece that allows us to hear a piece of jazz history; obviously turned into a respectable Jones version.

Jones’ voice is one that has maintained control and composure throughout her released records and in Day Breaks, she once again proves she knows how to play to her strengths. She’s no fluke, she’s no one hit wonder, and this new jazz masterpiece is helping keep the sound of soul and blues in the music industry alive and well.

Norah Jones’ record Day Breaks is now available digitally (Apple Music) and physically worldwide.

Written by Dannii C.

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