ALBUM REVIEW: Rachael Sage – ‘Myopia’

‘Myopia’ is New York City based Rachael Sage’s 13th Album, and it is a true musical delight. The album, with its erudite lyrics and beautiful melodies, calls for the listener to work on their personal and emotional introspection. The record signals a departure from Sage’s previously piano dominated works, and instead shows her guitar proficiency.

‘Spark’, the first single to be released from the album, focuses on the excitement and exhilaration of a first date and the mystery of a new love. It is exciting, and raw, and emotional. The title track of the album uses the condition of ‘Myopia’ (short-sightedness) as a metaphor for the bigoted outlook of some of those in society. It advocates for a more compassionate and less judgemental society in which differences are accepted and celebrated, not shunned.

The album is musically superb with masterfully produced vocals, and lyrics that are truly touching. The project has a clear political side with ‘Snowed In’, a song about the Edward Snowden controversy, and ‘Maybe She’ll Have Cats’, a track that challenges the sexist and patriarchal idea of the spinster cat lady.

The album is tender and emotional whilst still managing to be strong and robust which is no mean feat, whilst Rachael’s characteristically smooth vocals ensure that the album is an absolute pleasure to listen to.

With whispers of a UK tour and the suggestion of new music already on the horizon make sure you keep an eye on this American Talent so you don’t miss what she gets up to next.

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Written by Emma

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