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ALBUM REVIEW: Sam Fender releases debut album ‘Hypersonic Missiles’

Sam Fender has become one of the most talked about upcoming artists in the past 12 months. There is no doubt about it, 2019 is Sam Fender’s year. Not only did he receive a Brit Award for Critics’ Choice but he will also embark on a number of international shows. In addition to his fast growing fanbase, Sam has gathered a few celebrity friends including Elton John, Ant and Dec, and Sting.

This week, Sam and his fans have celebrated the release of his much anticipated debut album, Hypersonic Missiles, named after Sam’s previous single which was a huge success.


Featuring new tracks such as ‘That Sound’ and ‘Saturday’ alongside songs which have already been released such as ‘Will We Talk’ and ‘Dead Boys’. Sam expressed he was feeling mixed emotions prior to the album release.


The title track, ‘Hypersonic Missiles’ is complete with a saxophone solo as he groans about, ‘The tensions of the world are rising higher, we’re probably due another war with all this ire.’ It carries on to the next track, ‘The Borders’, where the lyrics characterise the pain of a dysfunctional family life. The song ends with some thrilling final lines, ‘Your eyes the door to hell and all within.’ The use of these powerful lyrics show Sam Fender is capable of storytelling through his emotional song writing.


One of Sam’s most intimate songs has a touching meaning behind it. ‘Dead Boys’ was written surrounding his friends’ suicides and the lyrics create such an atmosphere of deep sorrow when you really focus on the lyrics. “White Privilege’ on the other hand, gives a voice to many issues surrounding social media and political unrest that is happening around us today.

Accompanying the singles mentioned above, the album boasts some of Sam’s chart topping successes. These consist of ‘Play God’, ‘Will We Talk’ which mentions one night stands, and ‘Saturday’ which protests about landlords. All these singles have the same intensity and shouty rhyme.

Instead of preaching about society’s conditions, Sam uses his skill of storytelling to blend issues with lyrics, creating a story throughout the album. In under 24 hours, Sam’s debut album hit number one in the iTunes chart – what an amazing achievement!

As he continues on his journey, we can only imagine the great success that Sam Fender will have from now on. Sam is set to start a tour with 40 dates across America, Europe and then finishing in the UK. If you’d like to attend a date but don’t have tickets, click here

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Written by Sofia Esposito

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